21 April 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

The newly remodeled (to me...but probably not Bagdad) Diner in Bagdad.

I'm not sure what the name is, as there is no sign...although, I heard it's one of only 3 restaurants in this little mining town, so I suppose if you want to meet there saying, "Meet me at the Diner" are probably enough words to get your meaning across.  There were some rather lovely planters out front with flowers in them...but I kept thinking that the place needed a little more...maybe in the form of a vintage Coca~Cola button?

(hold on...after about 2 seconds on Google I found out the name is The Diner on Main...catchy!  Holy cow...their even on facebook...these crazy Internets!!)

It is a spectacular diner in person...although, we pulled up only about an hour and a half after they closed for the day.

Napping you know...

They are open Tues - Sun
6am - 2pm

I tried to talk Rich into going back the next day for lunch and a photo op with the Airstream parked next to it's much larger and more stable cousin...but it was a no-go.

We did happen to drive through Seligman however, and made a stop at the Sno-Cap, so it was almost as good.

Besides, I have been formulating a plan in which to get myself and a car load of fun seekers up there for a quick bite and then back to Burro Creek to enjoy the water...

I'm totally seeing that plan materialize in the near future.


Cheryl said...

Fun Seeker here! Count me in for that road trip! Airstream or not looks like FUN!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they will make fabulous cheeseburgers... And we won't even *think* about the fries! LOL!


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