15 April 2010

Chocolate :: Birthday Week


Full of presents, surprises, family, friends...sweetness.


This year, it seems like there is a whole lot of chocolate ushering the 30's right out of my life.  And really, if we're going to use chocolate as a final farewell, then maybe this getting older thing isn't going to be that bad after all.

(although, I've had my suspicions it wasn't in the least)

Last night during my family celebration, I enjoyed a double layered no gluten, no dairy, no egg...chocolate cake.


Last night I did a second round of chocolate for another group I'm celebrating with (and perhaps taking on my birthday trip with me...if there's left overs that is...) in the form of rich chocolate brownies with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting.

All night long when I woke up, I inhaled the sweet smell of chocolate.

This is the last official day of my 30's...and chocolate is leading the way out of the 30's tunnel and into a totally different decade.

I'm the one eagerly following with a fork.


Anonymous said...

Chocolate is the BEST way to go... anywhere! Have an awesome time this weekend and see you soon! I love the photo with the lemon at the top!

:) Amy

Rhonda Roo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yes, i have lived here in the 40s for a almost a year now. Seems like a decent place to be-plenty of chocolate to go around, so welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

enjoy the new decade -- old enough to know better, but still young enough to get into trouble when having fun! :-P


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