27 April 2010

Authentinc Vintage Ye-Haw!

In the form of a peach embroidered YoungBloods brand cactus, wheel, and century plant shirt!  The maroon and silver threads contrast nicely with this awesome snap front vintage Western treasure...

Just in at Snap Snap this morning fresh for the picking.

I sometimes find it hard not to save all the great Western shirts that pass through my hands...especially since I live in a town that boasts The Worlds Oldest Rodeo, and I actually have reasons to wear them more than a few times a year.

And especially when they're in a men's medium.

And embroidered...with some pretty serious iconic western images.

And getting much harder to come by these days...

Really...there's so many reasons I could fall in love with this shirt forever!


wende said...

That is a rare find. I love how you arranged the photo.

Kristal said...

I just sent you an email :0)



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