01 April 2010

Liquid Sunshine...

I am on facebook quite regularly, and I am not afraid to admit it...not one bit.  For all the silliness it's worth, it has allowed me to reconnect with friends I may not have otherwise.

For this I am thankful.
(also for all the time wasting...this is good for the soul as well)

A good friend mentioned rather casually that she was having a time figuring out what to do with all of her stupid lemons.  It would seem since she lives down in The Valley, that she has an overabundance of lemons and they have become rather stupid over time...I chimed in about the intelligence of said lemons, thinking that they may be much smarter in higher altitudes?

And this week her father came in.

With a huge bag of stupid lemons.

Huge, stupid, beautiful, yellow, fragrant, organic, amazing lemons.

Which have taken residence between my mother and I's homes...

I have not found them to display any sub intelligence so far...but only true beauty as they have found themselves delightfully integrated into my glasses of water, sprinkled over my salads and pasta...and may further find themselves baked into bars.


Liquid Sunshine.

I mean, I have been inexplicably drawn to wearing the color yellow this season...why not wear it inside and out?

Thank you Jamie.
From the bottom of my stupid lemon loving heart...


Danielle said...

You know.......when life gives you lemons........make lemonade and lemon bars and lemon pie.....

wende said...

Well, you know how I feel about "stupid lemons" :D

Anonymous said...

Yay! My stupid lemons are famous! Just goes to show that you don't need to be smart to make it in life. ;)

I too Facebook too much. I am thankful that I do. I would never have been in touch with many of my FB friends again, without it. It is neat being able to catch up.

Thanks for the story, and for enjoying the stupid lemons. It was my pleasure to send them to someone that appreciates them for what they are. :)

You are an excellent writer. Very descriptive. I do not have that gift, and am a little jealous of it!

Gah... I can never remember my Google account info! Argh.

Jamie :)

a fanciful twist said...

I am totally with Danielle!! The opposite side of the coin is that our little lemon tree only gave us about 6 or 8 lemons, as he is very young - and they were the holy grail of lemons to me :)

See - it's a sort of balance ;) - I wish I had more, haha!

You are always so funny and such a delightment to visit!!!

Much Love, V


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