30 March 2010

In My Line of Sight...

I totally got contacts y'all.

They're a gift to myself for the big birthday that's looming over my shoulder gonna change my life forever next month.  I have had glasses since...well, sometime after college, so this whole peripheral vision is totally new to me.


Only I don't remember having to adjust to it the first time around, as I'm pretty sure I was born being able to see and didn't need the assistance of glasses.  As a matter of fact, testing both of my eyes in college I came back with above average vision, so it came as a total shock to me that when my father insisted we go get my eyes checked a couple of years later (he had just been put in bifocals the first time he had his eyes checked...we're overachievers that way)  that I needed glasses at all.

I blame my wrinkles on all that squinting I must have been doing.

The doctor told me that my eyesight was just a little off and that I could wear my glasses whenever I needed to.

Well, that all sounds great in theory, but I'm nearsighted which means I can't see far away, so I could never figure out when I didn't need my glasses after I first put them on...well, after we stood outside in a sunny parking lot (after having my eyes dilated for the first time) for a couple of hours because my dad's car wouldn't start...me with my already light sensitive eyes being barely shaded by those flimsy weird shades they give you after dilation.

I'm lucky I'm not blind.

Actually I am come to think of it, I think everyone in my family wears glasses.

(we really are overachievers)

So, I decided in the interest of my advancing age the fact that I'm probably half over with my life something totally new and different, I would try contacts out.  That and I have a sneaking suspicion that when I finished college and had no real concrete plans for the rest of my life, it was a little easier for me to hide a part of myself behind the barrier of my glasses...taking a bit more of myself out of the world...and I just decided that maybe it was time to dip those particular toes (or eyes as it were) back into the pool.

Saturday I went and got outfitted with touric lenses at CostCo, and my impressions so far:

Contacts are equally as challenging to get in as to get out, depending on which action I'm currently participating in.
(even though I'm some sort of Contact Prodigy because  my eye doctor said sometimes people sit there for an hour trying to do it, and it only took me a couple of tries...but to be fair, I was all nervous and embarrassed because people kept coming in and out and watching me for fun.)

I don't mind touching my eyeball at all.

I do mind doing the swoop and pinch and thinking that I got my contact pinched between my fingers and then realizing I am instead, pinching the inside of my eyelid.

Wounds on the inside of your eyelid hurt.


There is a lot more going on when you have better peripheral vision, which is kind of making me feel overstimulated.

Sometimes when I'm overstimulated, I question my interactions with others...and then I cry.

I also feel a little motion sick.

I can't believe it's legal to drive when I feel like this.

I am wanting to look people in the eyes again.

I have a particular shade of blue eyes making everyone wonder if I got colored contacts or if it's the real color of my eyes?  People are amazed by the color of my eyes.  It's like they couldn't see them behind my lenses before.

I have to stop trying to push my glasses up on my face because I'm not wearing them anymore much and I keep poking myself in the eyes.
(my friends on facebook think this is hysterical)

(I may need to get new friends)

I need to readjust putting on makeup...I think my face looks totally different.

Wearing hats is going to be a lot more fun.

I love shopping for sunglasses (and can totally rock the big framed ones)

Designer sunglasses are really expensive!  Are they serious?!

All in all, even though there's a lot more adjusting for me to do (and I realize that you can not see the real color of my eyes in that picture up there, which is why I put this edit in...even though I think my skin looks blotchy and weird...you can thank me in the comments...) I think I'm going to like having no glasses on my face.  That is, as soon as I stop walking by mirrors and glancing for a double take because it looks like a part of my face in missing.  And truthfully?  Bringing some people closer into my life isn't going to be all that scary (but bear with me if I burst into tears for seemingly no reason...there is one, it's just not apparent to you)


Since my birthday isn't until the middle of next month and I bought this gift early, I totally think I can probably keep buying presents for myself...



Danielle said...

I always thought you looked cute in your glasses but you look cute without them too!

thatgirldina said...

Eeee! Look at those pretty blue eyes! I think a designer sunglasses shopping trip is definitely in our future!

sulu-design said...

Congratulations on getting contacts - I can't imagine living without mine. I did the same thing as you for a while - trying to push my glasses up on my nose when I wasn't wearing them. And I don't wear colored contacts, either, but got questioned about my eye color a lot after getting rid of my glasses. And maybe I was always distracted by the glasses, or maybe you got a new 'do, but may I say that your hair looks fabulous.

Rozzilyn said...

You loo really good, Sadie!

Suzanne said...

I love your idea of the early b-day presents. I can do that too, right? You know, I got contacts at 28 or so, when I learned to scuba dive and didn't want to buy a prescription mask. I haven't turned back. I actually think I can see better with contacts-things are much more clear. I too had trouble getting them in and out, and one pointer I have is to keep your nails shorter. It makes life easier, and eye wounds, and lens tearing to a minimum. You must have an astigmatism? I do in one eye and have to wear the "weighted" one on that eye...hard to find that crazy line some mornings! Anyhow, congrats, and you'll be hitting the big b-day, what, 1 day before me? Great photo too Sadira!

Anonymous said...

you know what comes after contacts, do you? Wonderfully wacky and totally cute sunglasses!


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