22 March 2010

Crazy Towel Lady Get's Her Groove Back...

I hope everyone had a lovely foray into Spring this weekend...and were able to welcome it somehow.  I've read that some of you welcomed it with snow and rain...I personally celebrated by working an extra day at Snap Snap and then began the first of what shall probably be many hours of Spring cleaning.

This begs the question, why do so many of us feel the need to clean and purge at the beginning of Spring?

Is it mass consciousness or some other primal urge to clean out the cave we've been hibernating in all winter?

Whatever it is...deep cleaning began Sunday and lasted for several hours:

  • Removing any and all furniture that could be moved:  Check
  • Dusting and washing and removing of dusty (ahem) spider webs up high:  Check
  • Doing the same sorts of things down low:  Check
  • Washing the tops of shelves, appliances, cupboards, window molding, sills, and door sashes:  Check
  • Cleaning inside window glass and other glass surfaces:  Check
  • Scrubbing various things that sit out in the kitchen (electronics and other decorations):  Check
  • Washing down of walls (oh yes) cupboard doors (inside and out) and the stove:  Check
  • Sweeping and pre-mopping the kitchen floor (sometimes crawling around with a sponge):  Check
  • Polishing the linoleum with special floor wash:  Check

There was a whole lot of the above things before everything got moved back in to the kitchen and put in its own place.  Also:

  • I accidentally dropped on half of a vintage salt and pepper set down the heating vent as the vent cover was soaking in the sink due to some unfortunate chai-tea over boil situations in the past...I can't figure out how to get to it.  I tried the vacuum hose....sob.
  • There is one less vintage floral juice cup in the world as it fell to its untimely death after being washed and shattered all over my newly polished floor...tiny shards of glass are really hard to find and clean up...double sob.
  • I hit myself in the head with the mop handle at one point (at least I'm my own comic relief) ...grumble grumble

There was also a lot of reorganizing going on...putting things in new spaces (and why didn't I think of putting that there before now?!) and then a whole lot of purging as the question:

How many vintage kitchen towels does one girl need?  Especially if that girl just uses mostly the same ones over and over and none of those happen to include the embroidered ones...cause they just sit in a drawer?

And also...how many vintage aprons does one girl need...for all the same reasons?

And what the heck is all this other stuff for anyway?

After going through the two baskets and one large drawer that house all these vintage linens (which is not including the napkins and tablecloths I have seemed to amass, but those are downstairs so they totally don't count) I came up with a radical obvious new and different organizational system for myself.  I folded each towel and apron up and then rolled each one up (kind of like I pack when I go on vacation, don't ask my why I didn't think of it sooner...)  Not only did they all magically fit where they were stuffed to the gills and falling all over before, I was actually able to get more in the baskets and out of the drawer...ensuring I would actually use them (which is mostly why I buy them in the first place, that and they look darned cute hanging in the kitchen)

Only not the embroidered ones.

Those are special.

Only, I'm really kind of unclear as why or when one would use their special kitchen towels, as I have a wonderful appliqued dancing anthropomorphic plate and tea-pot and I almost beheaded my exhusband for using it as something to which you dry your dishes with.

I also cringe if someone comes over and washes their hands and uses it...I have it up for display purposes only, and it hangs in a place that you would normally not even see, much less use it.  I mean honestly, the one that hangs on the stove handle is so much more accessa...

I may need help.

I have a rather large bag of goodies to go elsewhere and I may be holding a blog-giveaway this week...so stay tuned for that.

Until then I'll just sit and gaze into the reflection on my newly almost sort of waxed linoleum (which is I dearly love) and all the new open spaces in between (From the vantage point of the floor, because that's where I landed after I put everything back.  My body is sore!)  ...heck, I might even eat at my kitchen table!

I know.  That's a lot to ask for.

And a special shout out to the Bathroom:  You're next!

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