29 March 2010



Did you miss me?

I had to take a vacation from the blog...

And go to the beach!


That's not entirely true.

My Blocation was a total accident.  I just didn't post anything, and it quickly became a habit...I almost didn't write anything today, but not writing is not a habit I want to be in.

Otherwise, generally speaking, I'm OK.  There's nothing dire or stressful (other than the norm) or even horrifying in my life going on.  I just didn't have any extra words to use last week...Oh, word conservation.  I like that!

I'm a word conservationist.

You can use that if you want.

I haven't trademarked it.


So, now that I've dipped my toes back into the blogging pool, I will be sure to think up something interesting again...because I know I have a lot of extra words floating around I can use now...

You know?  Cause of all the conserving and whatnot.


Sandybee said...

Welcome back. Yep. You were missed.

Tonya said...

word conservation, I like that. I do miss you when you're gone though. I love the idea of blogging, I personally have a harder time thinking about what to say. I just like the pictures. lol

Dialing Home. said...

There you are!
Welcome back!


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