04 March 2010


...otherwise known as the act of throwing shoes.

When entering or exiting my neighborhood, you may glance up and notice a fantastically fabulous pair of green shoes dangling from the power line.  Of course, you may want to know exactly what you're doing and where you're going before you look up.

Especially if you're driving a car.

Or taking medication.

Or...well, whatever, I'm just going to have to trust that you're trusting your own judgment here.

In fact, since I and other people have been known to take walks in this neighborhood, and these dangle on a particularly hairy corner, I am making a request that you be careful.
For me?

Seeing shoes hanging from power lines always brings a little smile to my face because I immediately associate it with Big Fish.  In the movie, they took young Ed's shoes and threw them up over the power line so that he would be unable to leave the town Spectre.  Which is kind of almost a little significant here, because Prescott is small and cute with a lot of characters and old homes and I know a lot of people who feel they're unable to leave the town (although, I think if asked they would tell you it's more of a curse than a good thing...oh.  And we don't have any giants here, that I know of...)  Which is kind of the same, only we also don't walk around barefoot because we have pavement instead of grass streets...and I've never been to a lovely dance in the town square here.

We have dances in the town square, but I don't happen to think they're that lovely.
(it's the country music mostly...)

But, until I decided on a total whim to look up the significance of shoe tossing (oh thank you Internets...whatever did we do before you?) I didn't realize what else may be going on here.

Apparently having a pair of shoes hanging from a power line can also mean there is a crack den near by...or a heroin dealer.  Also?  If you've recently lost your virginity or gotten married you can walk out and hurl a pair of shoes into space and hope they land on a power line.

They can also represent a local gang.

However, seeing as it looks to me like someone spray painted these shoes a very jaunty color of green before they flung them over the power line, I think that this may not be the case.

Unless it's a gang of clowns.

Which, in my opinion, may be scarier than an actual gang.

Where is my neighborhood heading to?


Wende said...

A gang of clowns, you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

with what you mentioned I suspect gang activity, but then I'm a "city" girl... Hope that isn't the case...

Be safe...

Kristal said...

I got a good chuckle about the gang of clowns...and I think that would be more scary!! And thank you for the enlightenment of shoefiti, wonder if I can use that on Hubby's iPhone Scrabble game next time I get to play? LOL!!!

{{HUGS}} from the Clown with the Green shoes...

HaHa...your word verification was LAPHOLA!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I saw that!

Danielle said...

I know I have seen those green shoes somewhere...I love the movie Big Fish!

sulu-design said...

Hmmm... where I come from, we always said that a pair of sneakers flung over a power line was a symbol of the death of the owner. A kind of street-wise memento of the person who'd passed. I've never seen Big Fish. I think I like that explanation better.


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