10 March 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

I am in need of some flowers...and I figured you might be too...so these?

Are for you.

I am well aware that they're slightly dried, but honestly?
I think they'll keep that way much longer...and they're still so beautiful.
And we all need a little bit of beauty in our corners of the world sometimes...

I am always so enchanted by the beautiful and intricate details that are housed in flowers...their patterns, softness, colors, veins.  Flowers are like everyday miracles that seem to exist just to be noticed, but unlike most narcissists, they bloom even when and where people can't see them.
(you know?  Cause we people think we're the highest form of intelligence and all)


1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Not on this post, but Soren saw Meena (is that her name?) at the bottom of the post, and wanted to see her. Now he's asking, "See kitty cat 'gain!" We also discussed the finer points of javelinas. All due to you!


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