23 March 2010

Just a Handful of Beans...

During The Big Spring Clean 2010 The Kitchen Edition, there was a lot of going through drawers and cupboards.

There was also a lot of muttering under one's breath.
(as you can imagine)

(There was some swearing too...)

(after the mop fell on my head)

(and I broke the vintage juice glass)

(and dropped one half of a vintage Salt and Pepper set down the heating vent)

But, as cleaning and purging and organizing generally goes around my neck of the woods, I am left questioning the amount of collections I have.  I also scratch my head a lot about some of the things I find.  Papers and other items stuffed in various places that take me about 2 minutes to clean or put away or throw away and I wonder why I left it so long to begin with instead of just dealing with it when it first came into my life?

One of those head scratchers happened to be a rather large container of Jelly Bellies.

Or it would have been if there were any more than a small pitiful handful of Jelly Bellies left on the bottom of a mostly empty container of what once was Jelly Bellies.

I inherited them from Rich.

I can remember the why's (They have beeswax in them.  He's allergic to bees, but loves them...he gave me the left over beans...so he wouldn't make himself sick)   but not the when's...  (honestly, I have no idea how long they've been in the cupboard)  It took me less than 5 minutes to eat the paltry amount of rather hard beans that had been left in the container, so I could recycle the container and free up some space in the cupboard.


Who does stuff like this?


Rozzilyn said...

Funny. I was just thinking about Jelly Bellies a few days ago!

Sophia said...

"I also scratch my head a lot about some of the things I find." <---hee hee totally made me laugh. I've had a few of those moments!

And ahhh...Jelly Bellies...what the world would be like without them. :)

Anonymous said...

Jelly bellies? I'd eat em.... except for the buttered popcorn ones... YUCK

Wende said...

Man! I need to do this... but I'm afraid to start. It's THAT bad!


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