12 March 2010

Cat Lady Couture...

Well, winter is pretty much over.  I'm sure of it...I mean, yesterday when I woke up, I had to shovel my way to the car under 7 inches of snow and when I got home there was no snow anywhere...

Come to think of it though, we haven't had Easter yet, and it usually snows then...

But, it's going to be close to 60 on Monday!

Then again, the weather report said the last bunch of storms was going to blow right by...so I'm not sure we can all together trust those guys.

As it is, I'll be layering my clothes for a while yet, which is great news because look at this sweater I found!

Holy Cow-Cats Batman...

I've decided to put it up for sale at Snap Snap, as it is vintage and I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I think it's quirky enough that someone else might be able to.  It is 100% cotton and literally covered with applique cats...and a butterfly and a mouse.

You know?  All the things cat's really like to play with...although there's no yarn balls (but the sweater is made out of yarn, so I pretty much think that yarn ball can be implied here in this situation) and there's not a picture of a cat getting under someone's feet and tripping them (which is also another favorite activity of cats)  (Although, on the back of the sweater?  There are 3 sets of kitty paw prints...so I think we can also assume kitty tripping is also implied here, as I have known cats to trip you and then walk on your back after you fall on your face...)  And it says CATS in very large letters.

In case you are blind confused, and can't quite figure out what this whole sweater is really all about.

I pretty much bought it because the whole pattern astounded me, well that and people were starting to snicker as they walked by me with my mouth hanging open.

And the garment tag is pretty much priceless.

Cotton Salsa!

(complete with a llama and Chinese writing)
(it was made in Peru by the way)

(although, I think that's pretty obvious...you'd almost have to be dead not to have picked that up)


Kristal said...

This is priceless, especially if you are a cat lover. I'm more of a dog lover myself and since Hubby is terribly allergic to cats, they are a No-No with us.
We just had two days of yucky, stormy weather, but I think we'll be having a pretty weekend. I hope so as we will be house-hunting on Sunday!!


Danielle said...

Oh my goodness the crazy cat lady has been looking for her sweater and it turns out you have it! LOL

Rich C said...

That sweater is great! And Cotton Salsa? Really. Do they still exist?


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