14 April 2010

Happy Surprises :: Birthday Week

Has this ever happened to you?

You're moseying along in your year (and years) and right smack dab somewhere in the week falls the anniversary of your Birth...which then brings up all sorts of happy memories of Birthday Celebrations gone by?  One of the benefits of having lived many years on the planet is how many memories one amasses, that is if you can indeed remember them all.  I can't remember all of my Birthday's, but  luckily I've tucked a few away for just such an emergency.

The year my father bought me my very first Swatch watch.  It was the Jellyfish one, which was (and is, because it's still in a drawer at home) totally see through.  I actually unwrapped it, and had no idea what it was, or what it's coolness value would become shortly.  Dad lives in CA, so he always picked up on trends before we here in AZ got wind of them.  This is the watch that not only started it all for Swatch, but the one that started it all for my personal love and collection of watches.  Oddly enough I don't wear a timepiece now, but I still have some of my watches saved in memory.

The year that my High School friends planned a Surprise Sweet 16 Birthday Slumber Party for our mutual friend Heidi (who happens to have a Birthday that falls a couple of days before mine) and we all went over and decorated and hung up balloons and got all excited and yelled, "Surprise!  Happy Birthday!!" to her when she walked in, only to see her look a little confused and say, "Oh...I missed it!"  while everyone shushed her (this in retrospect...you'll understand in a minute) We ate cake, opened presents and went downstairs until each person left the room and I was left there with Stephanie, who suggested we then go see what happened to everyone.  Upon walking upstairs, I was met with, "Surprise!  Happy Birthday!!"  They had planned a double surprise party all along...my mother had been in on it, and dropped off a cake, and all the signs that had read Heidi minutes ago...all had my name on them.  I can't think of a better Sweet 16 Party!

There was the year I spent my Birthday in Italy on the hillsides...as my birthday fell on Easter...

And yesterday, while at Snap Snap as a sweet delivery girl (and customer) walked in with this big bouquet of flowers that was sent with a touching note from Claudine and Amy...to celebrate this big number Birthday.  I am sneaking away this weekend to go camping (what I chose to do to celebrate this milestone) and they thought I should enjoy my flowers until I go.  I was so touched and so surprised.  It's been so long since someone's sent flowers my way...

And Honestly?

I find myself looking forward to Birthdays more and more.  I look forward to getting older...for the chance to remember all the love that has been poured upon me for all of my birthdays so far...and for all the memories that are yet to be made.


Suzanne said...

Happy early birthday my friend! Like you, I am really happy to celebrate this one, and future ones. They do not scare me. It is a time to celebrate all that we have become and all that we are to become and experience. People keep asking me what I'm doing for mine, and the highlights include, steak on the grill, twice baked stuffed potatoes, and time, precious time with my husband and son. That's about it, and those simple things make me the happiest. Beautiful flowers those are, and I hope you enjoy your b-day and camping this weekend. Sounds glorious!

Danielle said...

I would love to wish you a very happy happy birthday and many more to come! That is a very beautiful bouquet someone has given you. Remember that eating cake on your birthday has no calories so eat an extra piece for me! ;)

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best always.


Heidi said...

I'm *still* amazed that they pulled that party off! And I'm glad you posted this because you have a better memory of what happened than I do.

I also was surprised by flowers on my birthday. Isn't it the best?

We Aries just love that birthday attention, don't we? :)

Here's to 40 more amazing years!


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