09 February 2010

Window Shopping For Love...

This morning I found a really great bird cage.

I'm not sure why this particular cage jumped out at me (except that it's cute and distressed and is topped by a wonderful tin roof and hearts cut into it the frame of it) but I found myself thinking that it would look good in a Valentine's Day display for Snap Snap.

I'm sure if we pop open my head to examine my psyche close enough, that  there's some deep seeded meaning about why I associate love with a cage.

And your love being caged...and how you need to set it free...

Or sometimes looking at our pasts, we should have put some of our lovers in cages?

Whatever the case may be...I decided that this cage would probably fit well in the window.  Also?  I love bird cages with or without the love association...so what the heck!

I decided that I would enjoy it if there were little hearts flying around in the cage...like butterflies, hearts to me look like wings...and birds have wings...and sometimes they live in cages?

Maybe I feel repressed with Valentine's Day looming in the distance?  Which is strange because I totally believe in love and romance...

Methinks my quick association with Love in a Cage is bothering me.
(I'll be happy to entertain your theories in the comments)

I purchased some wonderful rose paper not too long ago in eager anticipation of my handmade Valentines that usually roll out this time of year...but I have put these off to the absolute last minute.  Making me cringe because I think this year I may forgo the making of Valentines all together.


I know.

The image as me of Superwoman probably just slipped a bit in your mind just then, didn't it?  Well...join the club, the image started slipping for me when I thought about running around in public in a leotard.

You know?  I can handle the cape and tiara...but the leotard?

I don't think so.

Cutting up paper hearts and putting them in a cage and then putting that on display in the window of Snap Snap is like one giant handmade Valentine...and really, when you think about it?  It reaches a much larger audience.

So Happy Valentines Day!

All I'm saying is, at least it's a prettier display than my pedicure.  And of course, all those little paper hearts flying around are much prettier than the place where I pushed a thumb tack through the top of my thumb when I was attaching little flying hearts to the inside of said cage...Leaving me with the very accurate observation that all thumbtacks are not created equal, and the fancier colorful ones aren't as strong and tend to bend easily...

(especially when they hit bone...I'm just sayin')


Anonymous said...

Your window display is a lovely valentine for your customers... The cage is just perfect for it.

flutter said...

I so need to come see your shop and hug you


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