19 February 2010



Can you stand it?!

Much to my total delight and the part of me that really connects with anything both sparkly and sexy (because one can never have too many of each of those things in their lives) a young girl came in first thing this morning with a load of crazy inherited garments.

And?  You'll be happy to know that all of these things came from an elderly woman...

Kim (who happened to pop by to appraise me of life things) also witnessed this crazy shiny mess.  We were both wondering exactly what kind of elderly woman would possess such shiny goodness...and the answer is:  Obviously some kicky broad that we'd like to get to know better!

(After all, I'm practically dying to see what her jewelry and shoes look like!)


Sadly, as it is, both my stage performing and attendance in local parades have waned over the last few years..so these are all going out for sale at Snap Snap instead of finding themselves in my personal wardrobe.

I know.

I'm sure you'd love to see me in one of these numbers.

I'm sure most of Prescott would, and I am half tempted to nab one of these and wear it out tomorrow night when I get together with the girls.  Only half though.  I'm sure I have some sort of reputation to protect, and I'm thinking that wearing one of these (the flowered one obviously...I think we could have all predicted that) could probably tilt that reputation into a lot of places.  One never knows about these things, and usually when one does, it's a little late.

I also acquired a stunning black Bob Mackie jacked with beaded arrows on it...and I was really tempted to keep that as well.  But, my days of fancying myself as Cher are most likely over.

Most likely.


Have I become boring?


TomboCheck said...

One of these could tilt, not only your reputation, but the reputation of 'the girls' as well. :)

Seriously though, do you think they would fit a 6 foot guy like me? MY next dinner party could be AMAZING with some of this shiny goodness.

Kristal said...

I'm thinking Margarita Night and one of these would be Just the Thing you'd need to end a perfectly dreary week with a Bang!!! Oh, this is just too funny! And if you want, I can make you a party hat to go with them!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
I would love to see some of the stuff in your shop....saw some really cool scarves and those wool driving caps...makes me think of Angus Young...

megan said...

hard to pick a fave...perhaps sequins are the new black?

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Lady Gaga should wear those!!!

Anonymous said...

the green bustier?

if only I had the figure for it...LOL!

Carol Dunton said...

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THESE!!!! Come on...seriously!!! I can SOOOO TOTALLY see you having drinks outside some gorgeous night rocking the starlight with your sequines!!! OOOOHHHH, do treat yourseld, sweet lady! : ))

Wende said...

I like the light blue one with the green boobs. Seriously! A small chested girl like me needs HELP. Hee.


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