23 February 2010

Maybe It's My Haircut...

Here's another picture Rich took yesterday when he was in.  Mostly I don't stand still for pictures...and if I do, I'm doing something goofy.  I'm still, after all these years, not that comfortable in front of a camera...it's like I need some sort of training session on how to put my best face forward...instead of how to put all my chins forward or that crazy smile that wrinkles up my face and makes my eyes into little slits...

It could be the fact that when I was sent the handful of pictures by the photographer the first thing I said is, "WHY do I LOOK like that?"

(feel free to insert eye-roll here)

Yes, I liked the light stars in my eyes from yesterdays photo, but I could stand here and dismiss all of the flaws that I see in that face of mine...which is nuts (and I'm not shooting the photographer, I'm shooting the subject)  Because really?  Really?  The expression in my face in that particular photo was just perfect...equal parts happy and equal parts I've got a secret and we may as well throw in there equal parts I may know something...

I thought THAT'S what sitting in the catbirds seat looks like!  when I was presented with that photo...Which is a darned great thing to capture on someone's face.

One of my favorite photos from yesterdays impromptu photo shoot/using my new flash stand experiments turned out to be this one...where I was looking off into space.  Which surprises me seeing as I have never been that in love with my profile.  I thought.  I also think that I was being silly when the camera was snapping...and there's really no context for this picture...no blog I could write around it.

Sort of.

Cause' you'll notice that I'm still standing here typing away
(I noticed it at any rate)

Then again, maybe it's my haircut?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You, my dear are just adorable inside and out... I was just telling hubby how proud I am of you being in business for 15 years...

Kristal said...

You look like a woman who knows what she wants and is willing to work hard to get it...but also knows that life it too short not to enjoy the ride!!! And you truly look like you are enjoying LIFE!!


p.s. We are taking a little trip this weekend..hoping I get to do some "junking!"!!


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