17 February 2010

And We Are...Each One Of Us...Stars...

Star light located in Claudine's living room, carelessly but with purpose...one strand hanging off each door of her armoire.

Originating from IKEA

Battery operated for maximum beauty and opulence

Walking through the Willo Districts historic home tour this weekend is almost like a dream come true for someone like me.  I'm the person you can see leisurely strolling through most historic neighborhoods hoping to catch a glance inside the homes that line the streets...or the person who claps their hands giddily when I get a glimpse into your home on your blog through a picture.  I love decor.  I thoroughly enjoy the way people decorate their homes, and how this reflects their personalities.

I also notice that a lot of people are a little more, um sparce?  With the amount of things they have surrounding them.  Not like me.  Not like my family.  While I enjoyed myself walking through these homes, I started worrying that things have reached critical mass at Foolsewoode
(It's not too unusual for me to have this thought from time to time)

And then all of a sudden one of the last houses we visited this weekend, had each of my companions turning to me and exclaiming, "YOU could live in this house...it LOOKS like YOU!"
And it did.

There were things every where you looked, and I thought at first that this is what these two meant, but upon questioning them further they said yes, that rooms were full to bursting but also?  Also, everything was so homey, so comfortable...like Foolsewoode is.


Well then.

I sought out the homeowner and told her we were probably soul mates, and she laughed.  She totally got it, and I heard several things come straight out of her mouth that I have said about homes over the years.

And yes, this is what I live in...a home bursting towards it's seams...but more importantly Foolsewoode is somewhere most anyone feels like they can put their feet up, have a cuppa, and stay a while.  In fact, no matter what's decorating the house currently, I encourage you to come in and make yourself at home.  It's a home.  It's homey.  It's the legacy that was passed down through both my mother and my father...both collectors of stuff and each wonderful decorators in their own right.  Both of them have an amazing and creative eye for things and how to use them and put them together.


Is soothing to me.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a place where I could see more floors and walls than not.  Some place that looked like it was out of a catalog or a very modern magazine.  But sometimes?  I am actually able to look around and accept who I am and what I love...

I love to surround myself with things I, well, love.  Things that make me smile.  It's like living in the midst of creativity.  And yes, there's dust and the house needs to be clean more often than it doesn't and sometimes when I wander through certain rooms I sigh heavily and roll my eyes a bit because things just aren't dealt with...but there's just something about home.  Kicking my shoes off and letting my day things fall out of my hands and onto the floor before I go through the mail, throw it on some flat surface, sit down and prop my feet up...look around and sigh happily to be in my very own self created paradise.

I guess we're all just a little bit different....

Aren't we?

And that's OK too.


Sophia said...

I wish I felt like a "star", but I don't. At least not right now. I'm really struggling and longing for some consistancy of good things in my life. I long for it and I'm scared it will never be in my life again.

I'm glad to read, though, that you are able to surround yourself with things you love.

Anonymous said...

That star in the picture is so cute!!! Reminds me a little bit of Hello Kitty.

Kristal said...

Ah, some of us are different...and some of us know Exactly what ya' talkin' 'bout sister!!! As of right now, we don't have a kitchen/dining table, so we sit on the sofa or the floor and eat. But we eat together, with the doggies hungrily watching our every move until it's time for their leftovers. I have so much stuff, hence I started selling stuff on-line. And I still have more in boxes, in storage, packed up at my Mama's house...but I love ALL of it!
Hope you have a good Valentine's day!


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