24 February 2010

Someone Has Their Eye On Me...


Do you ever have that feeling that you're being watched...feeling someone's eyes boring a hole through you, only to turn around and discover that there's no one there?

You are not alone my friend...

In fact, I'm here to tell you that in my particular case?  It would seem as if I'm being watched.
(see?!  My ear infection hasn't gone to my brain and totally made me paranoid)

The above, which we shall  hereto refer to as evidence A: is a picture that I snapped in Snap Snap today.  Upon walking in, I found a bag of clothes for me to price and when I lifted them off the counter, to my utter shock and amazement this EYE was left behind.

Creepy, no?

I don't know who exactly is trying to send the message that they have their eye on me...but it would appear as if they were vintage in some way, as this particular eye is made of glass...and most things eye-like nowadays are made with plastic.

I am thinking that the glass material of the eye makes for a better tiny camera lens to see through?
And that little metal piece sticking out in back would be the perfect tiny microphone stand for a tiny microphone.

Come to think of it, the whole thing kind of reminds me of that scene in The Fifth Element where the bad guys strapped that camera and microphone on the cockroach so that they could then spy on the good guys?

Which would make me Milla Jovovich...


I totally loved that movie!
 (screw the reviewers!  I saw it twice at the theater...and I own it)

And Milla Jovovich and in all those fantastic costumes designed by Jean Paul Gautier?!  Are you kidding me...she was just mesmerizing.  I mean, I understand that I do not quite resemble Milla (mostly.  I did accidentally dye my hair that color with henna once in college)  but I'm excited that someone out there might think I'm the fifth element.

(which if I remember correctly was both love and a woman...and I am a pretty romantic and I'm a gal)

Ohhhh...maybe that's why I got in all those sequin bustiers?



"Lois Grebowski" said...

That is creepy!

When I was a kid I used to think that the people in photos could actually see me... (I never quite figured out the photos of me thing...)

Like my hubby says. I took four years of medicine.

I'm all better now...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes get that feeing too.


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