12 February 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend...

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!
(or as I like to call it when I'm feeling especially snarky, Singles Awareness Day)

Whatever you believe Valentine's Day to be about...an expression of love to a significant other only or heaps of love for all your friends and family...I hope it's a happy day for you.

I am always holding out the hope for romance.  I'm a romantic type of person.  I like that about myself.  Sometimes though, you can find me crossing my arms and tapping my foot impatiently, but there you go.  As it is, I find myself being drawn to more hearts in my life.  I have them peppered throughout Foolsewoode, and I'm usually wearing at least one heart in the form of jewelry.

It's a reminder that no matter what else is going on...I am loved.

Sometimes it's little reminders like that, that get me through the day.

In past years, I have usually always tried to get everyone who happened to be in town together for dinner and a movie...so we'd all have a date for this night.  So no one would feel left out...no matter what their relationship status was.  There's no reason to feel lonely and not celebrate some kind of love.

I mean, I know one can argue that you can celebrate love just as easily on the other 364 days of the year...but let's face it.  Valentine's Day is celebrated as one day (which is probably why they call it Valentine's Day)  And because of this, Love just happens to get all amped up February 14th as a total bonus.  So grab some roses and candied hearts and chocolates...pass a Valentine's card to someone you love and admire...create your own celebration!

This year I am celebrating by taking myself out of town.  This weekend will find me celebrating Love with good friends on location...somewhere else entirely.  Affording me a little break from my every day routine.  There will be Mexican food and margaritas, a Historic Home Tour, and who knows what else.

Happy Valentine's Day to you...no matter how you choose to celebrate, make it fun in your own special way.


Anonymous said...

Sending bloggy love your way, friend...

Kristal said...

I got lucky, my sweet hubby's birthday is today so we get to start the holiday early :0) But unfortunately, he's sick today. But I all the kids' are in the house with me, snug and warm while it snows outside!!!!

Your trip sounds like it will be a wonderful time. Margarita's are always nice :0) I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day my sweet friend ({HUGS}}


Anonymous said...

Happy V Day!
I bet you are here in the Valley! Yes?

Anonymous said...

Saint Valentine's was beheaded. There is nothing romantic about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm spending my Valentine's day at the shop.



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