16 February 2010

It's Like Being Excited About Being Excited...

These are the things I find myself saying to people about the weather.

Yesterday I threw open the door of Snap Snap once again because it looks so darned beautiful outside.  That's also what you get for living in AZ...we have hardly any shortage of sun in these parts.  And this year, while being a typical winter of the past, seems almost untypical of the last few years.  I totally understand that winter is exactly the right time for inclement weather...snow, slush, rain...I have no complaints, whatever the weather is I'm just as happy to try to enjoy it than be upset that it's happening all around me.  It's happening, I can't control it.

I'm just finding myself a little weary of being cold this year for whatever reason (which probably has a lot to do with my monthly heating bill than not...I can't believe I pay as much as I do to be as cold as I am in my home)  And I happen to think that Mena is of the same frame of mind...I mean, look at her sweet face in this picture I snapped last week when I looked up and saw these huge flakes begin to fall and then stick?!

Mena kept looking outside and then back at me as if to say, "Really?  Again?"

I feel ya' sister.

But yesterday was simply beautiful looking outside, if not still a little cold.  I can throw open my door and stand in front of my electric heater and still be quite comfortable...I can gaze outside through my huge windows and soak in the sun.  I even did a little happy dance...

Unfortunately it was in front of one of Prescott's long time residents who looked at me and smiled and said, "well now...don't go planting any flowers just yet!"

"Oh I know.  I've lived here long enough...I'm just UM...excited about being excited about the weather?"

Yes, I've actually lived here long enough to know that you don't do any of your major planting until after Mother's Day is safely on her way if you want your plants to make it and not freeze...Unless you are planting pansies, of course.  Pansies are particularly masochistic and just thrive with their jaunty little selves under snow and ice...they love such conditions.

And.  I've also lived here long enough to know when to be excited about a break in the weather and to do a little happy dance about it before the clouds start rolling in again and change everything into something entirely different.

I also know when to be excited about being excited...


Wende said...

And it's going to be nearly 60 degrees here and sunny on Thursday. Next threat of rain is Sunday. Are you SURE you're in Arizona, because I'm beginning to doubt that I'm in Oregon!

Anonymous said...

I guess Mena's not too happy about the weather, huh?


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