29 October 2009

Hat Gratification...

I love to pop into the thrift, mosey around and stumble across things.

Things and stuff. It's my middle name you know.

Things and stuff this year have primarily been hats however. OK...not always hats, but there have been a lot of hats finding their way into my life this year. Which is why I am lobbying to rename this year:

2009. The Year of The Hat.

catchy, eh?

Vintage hats are around. I see them quite a bit...they're kind of like vintage handbags. You see one and you say to yourself, "There's a vintage handbag (or hat)" and you go on your merry way. But every once in a while, you stumble across a purely amazing vintage hat (or handbag) and you say, "There's a vintage handbag (or hat)"

Which mostly looks the same. But, you totally say it different. And sometimes when you say this phrase, you fall on the ground in a vintage ecstasy moment or you do my other favorite move: the look over the shoulder around the room to make sure this is really happening to me maneuver (cause you're almost sure it's a mistake that you're finding this and someone is going to laugh abruptly and take it from you...leaving you at a disadvantage on the floor where you fell moments earlier upon your discovery of all things vintage)

I did both moves when I noticed 2 very plain black boxes stacked on a table (or the floor, which it could have been seeing as I had just fallen there in a preconceived vintage ecstasy moment) and while I was busy nervously looking over my shoulder, I was untying some very innocent black string on some very plain black boxes.

These boxes are almost reminiscent of the pink bakery boxes they use to use when you bought a dozen doughnuts before Dunkin Donuts took over the planet...back when there were little privately owned bakeries? We use to go and get a cookie or a cupcake as a treat (which was a huge treat for me, because my mom usually made all of our natural and organic treats...we knew how to live. Sometimes we'd eat chocolate baby food covertly...but that's another story for another time...we always felt like we were getting away with something so it was really fun...but really? It was me and my mom...and she was my mom, so I kind of wonder now what we were really getting away with? Who exactly were we hiding this from? Oh well, it's a wonderful memory anway...)

Only. Inside each of these boxes were two of the most breathtaking hats ever...and are kind of like pastries...

...For your head.

Each hat was still individually wrapped in tissue paper...and stuffed with tissue paper to help keep it's shape.

Um. Yeah. Swoon.

I swear these babies look brand new. But there's a tell tale Union Tag on the inside of each one that gives it's origins away.

I don't know when there were unions for hats...I know I've gotten clothing in the past with Sanforized and Union Tags in them...maybe there was an entire clothing union in this country at one point? I have no idea (and I'm sure I could google it)

And I don't know about you, but I could totally join a hat union.


I could also totally have a garden party centered around these hats.

Which is pretty much what I'm saving them for. I mean, they do look springy as well, and we just had our first snow, so up on a shelf they'll go...waiting for spring...whereupon I will place them on my head and loudly sing In My Easter Bonnet in an impromptu parade I will have at Foolsewoode.


The End.



You want to see me in one of them?

I knew you would...so I popped one on before I ran out of the house this morning...and I'm pretty sure it doesn't go with the wool sweater and new skull necklace I am wearing...but one of these hats can just about hold their own in any polite company.

In my opinion.

Happy Now?


I thought you would be.


megan said...

OMG! i am so loving this pink one. esther williams? synchronized swimming? tea parties??? so many associations.....!

Sophia said...

Cute hats! I must say, that I have come to love some of the hat boxes more than hats! :) hee

Hope you have a good weekend.


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