01 November 2009

Halloween 2009

Oddly enough procrastination paid off once again.

I hate to advocate procrastination for anyone...but sometimes it just pays off. For me, it's often creatively (as sometimes I wait until the last possible moment to finish projects that result in amazing results. In college, it was studying for tests and writing papers...and I always did very well there too.) This time it happened to pay off in the form of free pumpkins.

After being totally thwarted three October weekends in a row by various things...Halloween day found Claudine (who came up from The Valley to experience Fall-types of things for the day) and I driving out to Chino Valley, to Windmill Farms to one of the last Pumpkin Festivals we have left up here.

Let's just say that Halloween day may be the perfect day to visit a pumpkin patch...there was hardly anyone there, so we wandered around the beautiful grounds practically alone (lovely place for a wedding and reception if you're up in the area and looking) Claudine fed the attentive and cute farm animals...and we found out while we were there that all the pumpkins were totally and completely free.

It's amazing how free pumpkins will make a great Halloween even better.

We grabbed four and staggered to the car...carefully trying not to laugh and drop our haul, dropped one pumpkin by my mother's house for her and Rozz to carve...and carved up three for the porch at Foolsewoode (I have a lot of lovely roasted seeds as well now...yum.) No one comes trick-or-treating in this part of the neighborhood...much to my dismay, but that didn't stop us from lighting them up for our own personal enjoyment.

A very perfect Halloween Day indeed.


Suzanne said...

Happy Halloween! What fun that you got them for free! Usually by Halloween my pumpkin is looking pretty sad, so you even had "perky" pumpkins at that!

wende said...

We always seem to put off carving pumpkins. This year, we only did one, so it wasn't such a panic. But, we can't leave getting pumpkins that late--because w/o a patch here, there is NOTHING left by the 30th of October in the stores.

Tonya said...

Looooove the pumpkins!


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