17 November 2009

Sandwich Board...

A little assignment my mother gave to me when I got back from Disney...

"Could you paint a sandwich board for the front of the new shop?  It doesn't have to be fancy."

Apparently she doesn't know me

I picked up the board that day and went to work designing this new sign.  I wanted to do something fun and not just run a Sharpie over the whole thing and call it a day.  I have a lot of left over paint I've used while painting the interior (and exterior for that matter) of Foolsewoode...and I found a little added surprise downstairs as well.

A small pint of crackle paint I picked up at a yard sale some time ago.
My mother really likes the "Shabby Chic" look, and had starting waaay before it caught on everywhere else.

Saturday I was up early researching vintage pictures of Gypsys and printed my favorites onto paper.

I primed the existing sign, and then covered this with the dark brown paint I used in my living room, then a layer of the crackle paint and a final layer of cream which I think I also used in my living room.

I was a little worried the crackle paint was too old, but lo and behold.  It crackled up quite well!

I, painted the black border, Moge Poged the pictures onto the surface, and then free-handed the name and arrows over the whole thing.

I really enjoy the way the sign turned out overall.  I really wanted to get it done before leaving again this week, and if I would have had more time, I probably would have found a font I loved and made some stencils and used those instead of free-handing the letters myself...but it's kind of whimsical this way...Which fits in perfectly with this new shop.

She liked it as well...and I offered to make her a sign to hang from her awning...

After all, I have two gypsy pictures left I didn't even get to use!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I love the lettering - and the crackle paint!

Have fun this weekend!

:) Amy

megan said...

nice work! love that crackle!

Anonymous said...

I think the sandwich board turned out fantastic.


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