16 November 2009


This weekend was busy.

I'll spare you the details...but I will say that I'm mightily overwhelmed and I am seeking solace in the pauses between things.

Things on the to-do list.
Things that are happening.
Things that I have no control over.

My life seems to be going at an incredible pace already and it is speeding up.  I'm kind of amazed.

I have enjoyed the pauses.

This weekend was full of celebration for Megan and Matthew's new arrival (due soon) starting with a very intimate ceremony and celebration on Friday Night.

We washed our hands in rose water to let go of fears and expectations.
We further threw herbs on the fire to let go even more.
We sat in a circle and talked about motherhood, while Megan's mother brushed her hair...we offered advise, told stories, listened, laughed and cried (well, I cried.  I cry a lot these days.)  We, as women, have so many stories and so much wisdom.
We lit candles.
We wove a web to signify the interconnectedness of all of us...and I wear the piece of wool twined around my wrist four times until Megan gives birth and we welcome another little girl into our web.
We shared food and drink together.

As I sat in the room and cast a glance at everyone who was there, I was so moved.

As always, there were people who could not be there with us and they were there, just not in physical form...but those of us who were there?  We've been there in the middle of each others lives during joy and struggle, in one form or another for many many years.

As mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters...

The bond never broken, like a web...stretching out to keep us all connected.  It is amazing at these times when I'm reminded that I am a woman...part of a sisterhood of creativity and beauty...love and nurturing...I know it's one of the many clubs I belong to in this life.

Pausing to remember things that sometimes slip out of my fingers during every day hustle and bustle.
Something bigger than just myself.

Saturday was the larger shower.

Nicks Feed Your Face subs decorated surfaces...wine, coffee, iced tea...lemon bars.
There were gifts galore for this new life and her new mama.
There were smiles and giggles...laughter and fun.

And a gift for everyone there.

A belly dancer came and danced for us, among us...twirling and spinning, shaking and shimmying, playing bells and telling stories...in an older form of expression.

I think the only thing we did not do together this weekend was sing.
But, you can bet that there was plenty of music.

I, for one, needed this particular pause.  A quiet moment in between the activity to breathe.  The chance to let go, regroup and dream about my own future and the things I want for myself...those precious hopes that I'm not quite ready to let go of and the things I want for everyone around me.


Women connected again.

1 comment:

wende said...

What a lovely way to celebrate the coming of a child.

As for you, deep breaths. All will be well.


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