30 November 2009

Feasting Images...

Thanksgiving morning dawned bright...sunny and actually quite warm.

Which may have made my Nanook of the North furry boots and leggings unnecessary (the leggings were not fur...and it was my new boots debut) but in the name of fashion (and the raised eyebrow and, "...What are you wearing?!"  I got when I showed up at The Airstream was worth it) I wore them all together anyway.

This is widely acknowledged in some circles to be Rich and I's third Thanksgiving together...

(Mostly my circle)

And I finally got the damned fantastic vegan potatos au gratin perfect!

(yes, the third time is apparently the charm)

(so is finally sitting and really reading the recipe and instructions...and being mindful of the amount of liquid...so that it's not a sloshy potato soup...I mean, don't get me wrong, the flavor has always been out of this world...the liquid sloshing over the edges of the casserole dish onto the car floor mats was not. )


Also debuting at Thanksgiving this year were these Sock Monkey sock/slippers.

There's a lot of lounging around on Thanksgiving Day (there use to be a lot of hiking promises made...but we can't time the eating and napping with feeling energetic...and instead feel lethargic and too full to hike)  and watching movies in between eating and napping.  So, these babies were a must to keep the tootsies warm (and you thought Rich raised his eyebrows over the furry boots?!)  As you can see by the picture I had the laces with the rather large pompoms facing each other on the inner part of my legs.  I want you to know this is not the smartest placement of said things.

In less you want to constantly be either untying yourself, or tangling your laces up making you try to take a step only to find yourself tied together at the calves.

I did not fall and hit my head, but I did think that I would have kicked some serious butt in a three legged race.

Or a hopping on both feet race.

Or hopscotch.

Kind of.

I wizened up at some point and switched feet...or rather socks.  My feet are stationary and are attached at the ankle...making it impossible to switch them around (and messy to do so in such a small area) The socks on the other feet?  Perfect.  The ties and pompoms are in the exact right space.

Although, they still come untied when you wear them while napping.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the sock Monkey slippers... too cute!

Alexandra MacVean said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I made a few small things for myself and a neighbor. Cozied with the pups on the couch, too.

Say...are those socks...SOCK MONKEY socks?!?! Hey...what's that to your right? (((sneaks in and snatches the socks))

:D hee hee


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