06 November 2009

The Week Is Over...

...and I'm going to Disneyland!

Now, I figure you either have one of two reactions upon hearing this announcement. You could be like my mother and Rich and say, "ugh! Disney!" or you could be more like me and say, "Whee!! Disney!!"

There's more differences in those reaction than just the amount of exclamation points.

You'd think after mostly growing up in Southern California, I wouldn't be as excited as all that to attend Disney...especially as an adult. But, just to let you in on a little secret. I totally am. My mother's rather dour expressions about all things Disney stems from the fact that she happened to be at Disney the year it opened...and went a lot after that over the years and finds it a bit of a hassle. Rich's? Well, he lived in Orlando...which apparently requires you to be instantly sick of Disney probably because he went a lot and finds it a bit of a hassle. Although, I'm pretty sure if the three of us went to Disney we would have a lovely time...mostly because I would immediately invite my sister (who is planning on swinging by Disney this weekend...and who enjoys it as much as I do) and leave Rich and my mother reading on benches.

Yes. My mother brings a book to Disneyland.
I would imagine Rich to be more of an electronic gadget kind of guy at Disney.

It's OK though...it just means one less person in line.

As it happens to be, my parents actually took my sister and I and various cousins and friends to Disney more than a few times back in the day...and we always had a great time...all book reading aside.

I am deliriously excited to get on the road tomorrow morning with DaNece...arrive in Disney, all to meet up with my wonderful friend Steven (who is working there for his internship at the moment...which means lovely perks for us for the duration of our Disney stay) and run around acting like a kid for several days. Which isn't that different than my normal every day life, I just happen to get to ride rides as well...

I am also planning on:
  • Eating a chocolate covered banana. Disney is the only place I crave such things...although, chocolate covered bananas are pretty old school. I wonder if they even still have them? ( I mean, I can recall being able to ride actual donkeys at Disney where the Big Thunder Railroad is now)
  • Eat lunch at an already reserved table at The Blue Bayou...that's the restaurant that is at The Pirate's of the Caribbean that makes your mouth water after the ride, and one I've always wanted to try...I have it on good authority that their Gumbo is to die for.
  • Join Goofy and friends at Goofy's Kitchen on Monday morning for some character breakfast entertainment and good eats (an omelet and macrobiotic buffet.)
  • Buy a Mouse Ear hat with my name embroidered on the back of it...since it's so hard for me (and my sister) to find things already made with my name on them, and I often have to settle for Sexy instead. LeSigh.

It seems like I've been in the planning stages with this trip for months now, and Steven and I were remarking last night how excited we are to spend time together and let loose with everyone...and I know our fantastically themed and campy hotel advertises free Wi-Fi...but I have no idea if I will even feel like posting anything in this space until I get back, or even find the time to do such a thing...but you can bet I'll have a lot of good photos!

I'll see you soon...

(and yes that is a picture of a vintage 1970's postcard. You can tell because Walt is still alive and there's no smog.)


DaNece said...

Wheee!! Disney!!! I am so very excited and can hardly wait for tomorrow :) we are going to have so much fun!

thatgirldina said...

Have a wonderful, magical time Peaches!!! Oh, and give Steven and Thais each a big smoochy kiss for me.

I cannot wait to hear all about it!!!!

Shari said...

Well, yes indeedy have some fun! We went and took the kids 10 years ago. They had almost finished California Adventure when we went. It was a blast.

Actually, that postcard could be older since the D Man died in '66. Or that is an old picture that they still printed on postcards for a few years after he died. It's sad that he never got to see Disney World finished. ( I did one of my term themes on him in high school. I was a total Disney Nerd back then...)

Have a great time!

velvet brick said...

Hi friend...remember me??? Sorry I've been soooo behind in my blogging, visiting, commenting.... ugh... I am THRILLED you get to go play at DisneyLand....youo're NEVER too old to go romp in the park! Love it! Have a wonderful time and ride Pirates of the Carribean for me, please! xoxox

sulu-design said...

Sweet! I mean... sweet for you. My initial reaction would probably be more in line with your mother's and Rich's, but I'm psyched that you're psyched. Have a blast.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rich and Mom... But I'm excited that you're excited... Have a fun time!

Suzanne said...

Have a blast! I can't wait until we can take Soren ad I can see it through the eyes of a child. That will be sweet. :)

Okay, and my word verification...I have to share: "slity"...hmmm, sounds so naughty.


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