12 November 2009


I'm back.

Actually, I was back on Tuesday and officially diving back into my life yesterday...but as I was floating around in the cosmos that are, I didn't get a chance to blog and check in. I notice I'm having a hard time readjusting to life when I kind of really want to run away and go on some rides instead...I do love a good roller coaster. The great music Disney feeds into your ears, the smoothness of the ride and the great speed, as I find myself leaning forward to feel the wind in my face for the optimum thrill.

It's almost as exciting as being at work.

We drove in on Saturday...with a quick stop to stretch our legs at The Lucky Jeans Outlet...um, I mean, we walked around the outlet stores in Palm Springs. I'm not going to make this sound like anything than what it was...an impromptu shopping trip.

But, we did stretch our legs in the process.

We made it to our wonderfully campy hotel The Castle Inn and Suites right across from the park...a place that was fit for princesses for sure. With a sweet little swan towel in the bathroom to add to the fun! After checking in, we hurried into the car only to get lost while going to pick up my sister from the train station so she could spend the night with us at the park and the next day...

Steven, our wonderful host and guide (seen here in this picture as the tour guide in the red shirt who had his hand up most of the time while shouting, "Party of Four?!?!" through the park as we diligently followed behind him) was able to get off work an hour early. Oh, did I mention that Steven works for Disney right now? He does indeed. I met Steven back in the day when we were both a bit younger...and I was so proud when he announced to me that he had a paid internship with Disney. After beating out stiff competition for his position (because he shines brighter than most) he happily planted himself in the middle of all that is Disney and promptly insisted that I come and visit before he was done with his stint.

I happily complied and started planning this trip, inviting both DaNece and my sister to come along (Steven has some amazing perks working at the Magic Kingdom...Did you know it's $90 for a park hopper pass now?! I honestly don't know how the average family can afford a day at Disney...with the expensive food and everything...lucky for us, we didn't have to go this route)

I haven't been to The Magic Kingdom since they've been done with the new park, California Adventure and It was a wonderful addition to the park indeed and full of all things California. There is a place where they make sourdough bread for the park that gives tours and samples...right next to the Mission Tortilla Factory that does the same thing.

Also? Disney was half decorated for Halloween and half decorated for Christmas so it was doubly enchanting!!

The new park also houses The Scream roller coaster (2 rides right after one another) and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror...which I was indeed terrified of riding and ended up riding 5 times, ahem...it was a hoot!

The new park also houses all things Pixar...including a 3D Bugs Life interactive theater...and a Muppets 3D theater (in which I sat and tried not to cry the whole time because it was like seeing old friends again!)

Back in the original park, the Haunted Mansion was decorated totally for the holidays and in a Nightmare Before Christmas Theme.

I was totally enamored and found this ride even more enchanting (and less scary) than normal.

The decorations...wreaths and swags...It's all in the details and Disney does a bang up job!

The group in front of the mansion...can you see Jack's sleigh and the list of children hanging off the roof??

Other things that happened:

We ate lots of yummy food all over the park, including food at The Blue Bayou restaurant...the one at The Pirates of The Caribbean that smells so lovely when you're leaving the ride? Where the food is pricey, but amazing...and you eat in a darkened area that is lit only with Chinese lanterns and candles...and we were serenaded by live jazz.

I also Had a Mickey Pretzel...I'm telling you, you may have to put your house in hock to travel to Disney (and it's cheaper to buy an annual pass than pay for 3 days there) but it is always worth it...the details and magic are amazing.

It was also a stellar visit for characters. We ate an insane breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, which is at The Disneyland Hotel...it's a crazy buffet with an omelet bar, peanut butter and jelly pizza and lots of insane desserts. We ate until we were a bit ill...The characters also visit you at your tables...just in case you didn't get enough of them in the park!

Honestly though, I have never met this many characters in the years I've gone combined...so it was a treat!

The lines weren't that long per say...Disney has this Fast Pass thing, so you can get a ticket for the more popular rides and go do other things and then come back later and practically walk right on. The longest line I waited in was for Peter Pan, which is the most popular of the classic rides...and one Arthur wanted me to ride just for him (I thought...I went back and read that email and I got it totally wrong...so I blame him for that wait...giggle! It was worth it) And I rode everything I wanted to, saw the Enchanted Tiki Room, visited Tarzan's Tree House, and Tom Sawyers Island...and then rerode most of the rides 4 more times.

Practically perfect in every way.

Which reminds me...why isn't there a Mary Poppins ride??

Tomorrow I will tell you a 100 Acre Woods tale...

And what happened when I met Winnie the Pooh...

And other crazy tales of our Magic Kingdom Adventure.


DaNece said...

this was such a good time! I too am having a hard time adjusting to life afte such a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! The pictures are awesome and that Mickey pretzel looks good!

:) Amy

•¦Amy¦• said...

all the pictures look amazing. it's like being there!

i've never been to a disney theme park, so this wsa quite the treat for me. i hope that on my first visit i get to see the haunted mansion decorated like that!

wende said...

Yay for pictures of Disneyland. As you well know, we love this place. It was nice to stroll the park in your pictures!


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