04 November 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

I am putting the cats to work when I'm not home...

They're sorting photos for me now.

I sometimes find sorting through photos a bit tedious...Although, you can see how tiring it is for Hermes too, then again they say cats sleep 21 hours a day (I do happen to see a cat toy laying right behind his kitty tush...so that may have been part of the problem, tiring yourself out with play.) And what do the cats do when they're not asleep?

Mine torture each other and hiss and growl and posture, walk around in slow motion, hide under and behind furniture, and swipe with their claws.

While the howling is almost musical (to the tone deaf...I'm trying to be positive here...) I am finding it a bit stressful.

So, I've decided that they need a task to help them take their minds off being torqued off at each other...and what better a task than to sort through photos of the last photo shoot? I've always thought that they need to earn their keep (and I personally was hoping to train them to put on aprons, wrap their hair up and vacuum and cook me dinner...There are two of them after all, but whatever. Heck, I would be satisfied if they would meet me at the door with a vodka martini after work...but that may open up a whole other can of worms about their sobriety...I mean, I'm already pretty certain that they throw parties and have poker games for their buddies when I'm not there. Maybe this is why cats sleep so much? They're not tired as much as they are trying to sleep one off...)

To be totally and completely fair, photo sorting tires me out as well...I don't pass out on the floor (mostly because I'm not drunk) but I do retire to the couch...where one or both of the cats vie to stretch out on my lap.

Just in case they've missed a nap with all that partying.

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Anonymous said...

and they do this for free? Do they vaccuum and dust?


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