20 October 2009

Chacing Fall...

First, I would like to express my sincerest thank you to everyone that stopped by for my Halloween Party...there was quite a list of people this year on Vanessa's Blog, and I myself, just got through yesterday (yes, it does add up to 3 whole days of party hopping) and I'm sure there are some I've missed. As with the Mad Tea Party this summer...I am humbled and honored at the amount of truly creative people I share the blogoshpere with...and I am duly inspired, and really, the inspiration is here right in time to help carry through the darker winter months.

Thank you all. From the very bottom of my heart.

I pretty much figured that everyone around these parts may have noticed by this time that Fall is indeed here...obviously the whole Fall Equinox thing tipped us all off...but, Fall is all dressed up and strutting around Northern Arizona like a runway model.

Sunday was the day to make a little trip I have been trying to squeeze into life for a while (two years, ahem)

After letting various things get in the way...I finally threw myself and DaNece into the car (it didn't take much convincing for an out of town road trip) and we headed up to Flagstaff for the day.

Chasing Fall...

Color style.

Having gone to college in Flagstaff, I actually spent many a year (well, not too many...I don't have a PHD or anything) enjoying the changing colors of the Aspen forests that surround parts of the area, and I remember them being pretty spectacular this time of year.

Unfortunately, either it was a bit late...or it's dryer and hotter...because one of the places I remember hiking around had changed colors, lost leaves, and went to bed for the season.

We decided not to try to wake these quaking beauties from their slumber and decided instead to run up to Snow Bowl (the local ski resort) and try our luck there.

I'm so happy we did, as those trees were still beautifully dressed.

We parked the car, got out and hiked around for quite a while...just soaking it all in. I feel like I've been living in interesting times around Foolsewoode lately and I needed to take myself out to nature and get lost for a while.

After falling and smacking the ole noggin, I have noticed I've been a little more hesitant with walking and exercising. I am feeling like a visitor in my own body, and I am going really slow with myself. I notice I am moving differently and looking carefully before I put my feet down and looking for more hand holds than I normally do. I feel a little awkward actually, and thought that I could take all these feelings to the trees and help center myself.

I think Sunday's walk in the leaves helped things immensely, and I also think this is going to be a slow process for me. I am making my peace with that.

It was a simply fabulous day, full of laughter and words, Alpine Pizza and strolling around the downtown..the breeze gently blowing leaves all around us as we found ourselves sometimes in the midst of what seemed like yellow snow. Um, well...not that kind of yellow snow.

More like yellow snow shaped like leaves.

There is not a word for what this is.

I tried to take a picture of this phenomenon, but it was often shy and would stop as soon as I pointed the Canon in its direction...I sort of captured it in that last picture up there.

Swirling yellow leaf rain.


I'm signing out.

Sorry, I felt like I had to say that due to the Polaroid...it feels kind of like something you would say at the end of a post where you stuck a Polaroid...and I wish I had a big signature font to post right over it...

Wish You Were Here.

Enjoying Fall.

Flagstaff AZ 2009


Sillie_Girl said...

your pictures turned out so good! isn't it funny how just being out in nature for a bit can make everything better?

sulu-design said...

See where my moping got me??? Behind on my blog reading, and missing out on the Halloween party. And when the heck did the leaves start changing color? Man, I gotta get my head on straight - I am out of it these days. Thanks for posting the gorgeous photos that are bringing me back to earth!

Meggie said...

Thankyou for this Golden post! I love seeing all the splendour of the colour.
I came from Catalyst, glad I visited!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing the colors. I sure miss them down here and long for that crisp fall feeling. After a number of days in the 90's, it is finally trying to cool down a bit.

I sure hope you take it easy and trust your feelings. :)

Sandybee said...

Gorgeous fall colors! I had to drop everything and come to Julian. The leaves are changing here, too. Turkeys and deer abound. Love it! Thanks for the images both visual and verbal.

Rhonda Roo said...

wow. i bet even pizza tastes better in a setting like that.
That first picture looks like a Dr Seuss book come to life to me for some reason...
all very lovely!


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