05 October 2009


I was totally thwarted this weekend.

I had big plans for what felt like, for me, the first really official weekend of fall. The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is feeling crisper...the light is longer and tinting everything a bit more yellow (and in true Prescott fashion, we've gone from 95 to 65 almost overnight.) Plus? The only Pumpkin Festival we have left in our area officially started this weekend (along with the county fair I believe) And since I have really thought that I would like to slow down and enjoy every part of this Fall season to the fullest, I made plans to attend on Sunday.

That is...until I was woken up sometime Saturday evening from some crazy winds. And when I mean crazy, it's the kind of winds when you're walking to your car after watching a movie at the theater...every time you open your mouth to talk to the person you went with, dirt blows in. And then you notice when you finally find your way to the car after having a sand blasted facial au natural, you find that the rest of you is covered with leaves and debris.

Which is not my favorite look for the fall.

So, being the flexible gal I am, I silently cursed being thwarted in my plans to attend the Pumpkin Festival during 50mph + wind gusts and decided to enjoy other plans we'd made instead. Including going to the actual movie theater (which is big for us seeing as Rich and I are talkers and we enjoy chatting through movies and also pausing them to use the restroom or get drinks and snacks) to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs...which was wholly worth it! It was hysterical...and we laughed our whole way through it...and I also totally want a Steve. So that's pretty much on my Christmas list.

And then we went back to hide out hang out in The Airstream from the wind while Rich made the first meat pie of the season (an incredible family recipe indeed...potatoes and meat with TONS of cinnamon...sounds strange I know, but it tastes amazing!) which certainly did officially welcome the fall for both of us (even if there wasn't any colorful squash to photograph where we were, It's OK...I'll just go next weekend...I'm being flexible after all.) I did indeed decide to snap a picture of a man who slices, dices and cooks (he also washed dishes after that) all while he assured me there was nothing I could do but read my latest issue of Martha Stewart Living while lounging on the couch.

See? Thwarted again.

But in a totally different way.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Think of the wind as microdermabrasion, thus saving a trip to the spa for a facial...LOL!

As for the man -- he cooks, cleans, photographs and is handy... Oh... and he's cute to boot! He's a keeper!

Rich said...

One slice left.....Since my jaw is inflamed and I can't chew I'm going to have to figure something out.....

Mytutorlist.com said...

I need me a man like that!


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