12 October 2009

Damage Control...

Or maybe just a bit of damage.

I took a tumble this weekend. I know. This is the second time I've fallen this year and scared myself. The first was in Zion, and then Saturday as I was changing my wardrobe from summer to winter, I was walking down the stairway to deposit my summer loot into the appropriate bins, got to the bottom step where I paused to strongly hoist the full basket of clothing over my head (I can do that because I lift weights) and promptly stepped down onto two tension shower rods and a curtain rod that I didn't even remember were there (I was being cocky.)

Honestly, that whole thing started several weeks ago when I cleaned out the basement. Or maybe longer. I've had these shower rods since I opened Snap Snap 15 years ago and used them for curtains on my dressing rooms before I had ones with doors built. I know they need to be donated (hence them being in the donation pile) but I'm worried in the back of my mind someone is going to need them and then have to pay full price...then again, I totally forgot I even had them until I was reorganizing and cleaning down there, so there is that.

Which certainly must explain why I haven't hauled them up the stairs and into the car to donate...and left them laying carelessly by the bottom of the stairs along with everything else that I have been stepping over ever since (and saying to myself that I need to move this stuff!)

It's a den of accidents waiting to happen. Seriously.

At any rate...there I was stepping down and putting my foot onto the rods where they promptly rolled out from under me causing my feet to fly straight out, my body to fly about 10 feet up into the air (that's what it felt like) and me to land on my left tush cheek onto the concrete...my back, shoulder and arm landing onto the bottom step and the back of my head smacking the corner of the pillar that is at the base of the stairway...my left foot kicking the stereo speakers and sending them flying (more things to donate you know) and the basket of clothing flying straight up right before landing on top of me miraculously somehow totally intact.

1. I was thinking, "boy I'll bet that looked funny!" and trying not to laugh. While simultaneously thinking, "Oh man. I'm going to need to call my chiropractor" and, "Lord, I hope I don't break something!" and "Oh no. Not again."

2. Hermes was just checking out the basement space for the very first time and I totally freaked him out. He was meowing and running around...and I was trying to get up to comfort him. So busy that I didn't really just lay there and try to figure out what had actually happened. I may have knocked myself out...

3. I realized right away how much it hurt and then thought how much it was probably going to hurt later when my falling endorphins had worn off.

As it is, I was very shaky and instantly tired. I put my clothes away and decided to sit down for a bit...but I was worried about a concussion so I didn't take a nap like I wanted to. Later, while walking back down the stairs to do some laundry, I startled Hermes and was trying to get out of his way so he could run back up the stairs and smacked the front left part of my head on the ceiling beam.

It hangs low.

I also think that someone was trying to tell me something.

Stop doing laundry. Stop messing with your clothes. Use your day off for rest. And a gentle reminder that I'm an Aries. Aries are ruled by the head...and I'm quite often smacking my head against something or other.

I didn't think too much about it until I woke up very sore the next day...it was then I finally thought about taking some Ibuprofen (I probably should have taken some right after I fell and then again after I smacked my head a second time, but that's what you get when you live with two cats.) And I wasn't really worried until I woke up this morning feeling quite a bit more nauseous and groggy than the day before and moved through my day dealing with that and the mounting fear that I'd done something more serious that I initially thought.

I skipped the gym.

I made an appointment with my chiropractor to get checked out.

And I'm seriously considering getting a helmet and some knee pads.


Mytutorlist.com said...

Aaaghh! You poor gal! You must rest, rest, rest now and just take it easy. Pleeeease don't go hurting yourself anymore. I am worried for you!

I hope all is well and that it's just a little bruise (although it sounded pretty bad!) Please get well soon!


Suzanne said...

Ouch! Trust me on the helmet thing, from someone with a relative who wears one to drive, yes, to drive, and not the bicycle-type, but the motorcycle, I have issues, and feel I need to wear a helmet all the time type, at least buy several colors to match your outfits.

Dang girl...quite a rough time! I hope you're feeling better! Like you, I find I push, push, push, and then end up regretting it later.

Tonya said...

That sounds horrific! I hope you're feeling better today. And I hope that Hermes get over the trauma as well.

flutter said...

from one Aries to another, please take care of you


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