14 October 2009

Like Sands Slipping...

...through the hourglass.

Thus go the hours of my life, my days are slipping through my fingers. Sometimes it's as if there is a messy chaotic band marching through with it's brass section sounding loudly, making me wince and want to turn away...but more often it's a small pebble dropping into a quiet pond...making ripples that move away from me, only to return in their own slow rhythms, and a place that I don't even realize I am until I slowly uncurl myself from its banks to walk away.

I'm pretty confident that the rock is probably one of those black rocks...the perfectly smooth and rounds ones, by the way. The one's that slip into still waters with the perfect pitch of "plop".

I think I may have lost a day...I'm not sure how that happened really, but I woke up this morning and *poof* it was gone (and I even checked under the bed for it, don't you know.) It's almost like hitting the ground running every moment of the day is somehow eating up my perception of time. And I'm left gasping for breath by the side of the road as everyone merrily dances past me...

And they're waving those streamers on sticks.
(which would be more annoying if it wasn't for the brass section in the band that is all revved up drunk on their seasonal cadence.)
(at least it has a good beat)

As it is.

I have a to do list knocking around in my head. It could be a mile long, although I'm not sure, it ebbs and flows like ripples in the pond...you know?
The pond that now hosts that smooth black rock?

I did go to the chiropractor yesterday and he thought that by falling on Saturday that I have just banged myself up and that is a lovely testament to all the yoga and exercises I've been doing at the gym. "you can really tell if the things you do are working if you can have a trauma like this and bounce back so well..." and then he pushed me off the edge of his table because he wanted to see first hand how well I could bounce back.

He didn't really, but I joked about him doing just that.

He is a wonderful chiropractor, and he was only slightly nervous with the neurological testing he did at the end of the session. He mentioned that perhaps one of the reasons for my head hitting (besides being an Aries) was the fact that my connections seem weaker on the left side of my body and if I don't have full vision range this may be a reason for the head hitting. He gave me a "tune up" and an appointment was made for next week.

He didn't even mention a helmet.

I just feel a little out of it. It's a strange feeling, and one that I am not use to. It is a feeling that holds my attention, but then like watching a butterfly, I muse to myself how beautiful it is and it flies away and I forget to be worried about it until I try to run through the to-do list in my head.


Rhonda Roo said...

I suppose i cajole myslf into thinking the to do list -universal and ebbing and flowing as it is-is my friend because well, could imagine no to do list? i think it means you've ceased to be. Some say theres an art to nondoing; i agree, and think your following the flight of the flutterby is exactly that.
Same goes for marching parades.
I think you are cogent and succinct and think indeed you are a testament to yoga and whatever it is you do at the gym.
Everytime i come here i read and read and read.
Your blog=delightful=one of my favorites.
Stay away from shower curtain rods, wont ya?

Mytutorlist.com said...

I'm glad you are okay. What a relief. Thank goodness for all that yoga and exercising! (I should really do some too...)

Suzanne said...

Those days are hard, when we don't feel ourselves. I have them too, few and far between, and I just want to go back to bed and wake up the next day, back "home" to myself. Only, I'm finding as I get older, sometimes these days continue for 3 or 4 and I have to be patient. What is it, do you suppose, besides PMS?


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