08 April 2009

Working Out With a Walker...

My mother is an ex-gym aficionado, and was once a body builder. We used to attend aerobics together (a fun family activity that resulted in bonding through pain and sweat) and she has fond memories of going to the gym and is a wealth of information about body building and toning muscles...although she doesn't go to the gym any more, she eats an all raw diet (this is after being a vegetarian for years and a following a macrobiotic diet as well) and is in fantastic shape...not only for her age, but she's just in great shape period.

This is an excerpt from the conversation I had with my her last night in the car that made us both howl with laughter. We were all a bit loopy after running errands, eating dark chocolate, and shopping for Easter loot:

Me: Well, I have to say...I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself, but I must be getting a hotter body because I'm at the gym all the danged time...lately all the old guys who work out at the same time as me are starting to make eye contact and say, "good morning!"

It's kind of nice.

Mom: That is nice...

Me: Then again, maybe they finally recognize me and seeing as I've been going for over a year, I have passed some kind of endurance test, and they know I'm there to stay, so it's OK to become attached via the morning greeting.

Mom: Oh yeah, even after all these years...all the people I used to go to they gym with are still excited to see me and say hello whenever we see each other too...


Yeah...Now that they're all using walkers and I'm old and fat...

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