03 April 2009

Did I Forget to Mention...

A couple of weeks ago (or was it last week? I tell you, time has gotten away from me...perhaps it's blown away in the lovely gale force winds Springtime gusts gentle Springtime breezes that are visiting our sweet town...at the moment. Word on the street is it's going to get worse this afternoon. I'm not exactly sure what that will look like, but if you don't hear from me it could be because the cat and I are huddled together on the bed while the house is spiraling to OZ...) My old friend (she's not actually old per se, we've just known each other since Junior High, or middle school, or whatever those young kids are calling it now days...we'll refer to it as that awkward stage in which to make matters worse, they made you undress and take showers in front of your peers after gym class, all while standing there watching you to make sure that you actually did it...ahem) Suzie ...That's who stopped by...in case you got totally confused by my tangents (I'm looking to snag an attention span while in OZ. Oh, and one of those cool flying monkeys...because come on...how great would it be to have a flying monkey to do your bidding? Of course, I'll have to wear that weird cap, and people here stare at you strange if you wear a hat...but I will smite them with my monkey and then fly away! I'm not suggesting that I can actually fly because of the hat, but I think that I could ride on the monkeys back...which may lead to all sorts of jokes centering around, "...You've got a human on your back")

Um Suzie. Right.

Only that's not
really her name anymore. It's actually Suzanne. Cause' somewhere between now and that awkward stage aforementioned, we all grew up and decided that our given names weren't so bad. Which is great, only now a lot, we stand around and say things like, "Hey...um, ah, well...you! Have you met _____ (damn) ?" Although, I think there might be an unspoken rule that if someone knew you as a previous name we are all getting to the age where we can't remember anything but that, so the previous name kind of grandfathered in.

Only I like the name Sadira now...I'd much rather be called by that name, rather than Sadie.

But, even my mom's confused sometimes...so we just kind of go with whatever pops out of anyones mouth at any given time.

Which is why people are now calling me Sam.


So. Suzie...Suzanne, stopped by with her adorable son (and husband) on the way to The Grand Canyon...and it was such a great surprise. They don't live in some far reaches of the universe, it's just that with a baby Suz (ha. totally different derivative of the name there...) doesn't get out of her neck of the woods very often...and I have no excuse other than I don't get out of my neck of the woods often (maybe I'll be able to once I get my monkey...we'll see) and I hadn't met Soren up until that point. Other than through her blog. Well, and when she was pregnant, but that hardly counts. I will now take a moment to say what a cutie!

What a cutie!

And, he looks just like himself.

Which he should be happy to know...so we can only infer that there is no baby identity theft ring going on in their neck of the woods, and that Suzanne's blog is indeed accurate.

I'm just anxious to know exactly what he's going to change his name to...


Heidi said...

I am so glad I can still call you Sadie 'cos I totally get what you're saying, and I'm still confounded by my sister transforming herself from Wendy into Jo!

a fanciful Twist said...

IT is sooooooo W-I-N-D-Y here that I want to put chapstick all over my whole entire body!! It's rotten, rotten I tell ya, I have dust in my ear lobes, I know it, I can feel it ;) ;)

Your friend is a doll, and so are you!

My name is Vanessa. And although, people have always called me Vanessa, I wish people would realize it isn't spelled

V E N E S A ?

I mean, c'mon. Or Venisa?

Once, when I was at dinner with an old beau, he was from Ireland and did weird things like ask the waitress what her name was and where she was from, Um, okay?

So, he asks the waitress what her name is, and she say, bladeeblah, and then she asks us, what our names are, and he answers for me, Vaneeseeesa. In his Irish accent,

and she says.........

Venison? That is an interesting name, what does it mean?

And I am like. Figure it out lady ;)

HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Monkeys, winds and OZ? I am so there!!

Amy said...

Sadira is a beautiful name and it does suit you... but I just can't not call you Sadie! I've known you by that name for too long! --plus, I really like that name too :)

Mytutorlist.com said...

Wendy to Jo? That IS unusual.

It's odd to bump into friends from early school days, isn't it?

sulu-design said...

Funny you mention this... I'm stuck between Suzy and Susan (and "The Suz," which my father-in-law calls me). I was stammering at a party last night, introducing myself to people who had heard of me as Suzy through my husband, but to whom I'd referred to myself as Susan. Something about changing my name to a more mature sounding version was enticing years ago. Now it's just confusing.
I hope you and your friend had a good time reconnecting, no matter what you called one another!

Chickenbells said...

Did I forget to mention that one of my psychology teachers misread my name in college and called me Sa-Diva?!?

He was a little redfaced about that, and without missing a beat I said, "Oh yeah...I wanted a degree in fandancing but you guys don't offer one..."

Then he just looked painful...


Suzanne said...

I think my parents are afraid he'll become "Sore". They asked us, "What will you call him?" We replied, "Soren." "And what will you call him for short?" "Soren." Ah....little did we know that this would come out, "Sorenator!" Maybe that should have been his formal name?

Anyhow, it was GREAT to see you!!! You look spectacular!


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