02 April 2009

Keen For Hiking...

The first thought I had today when I exited the gym after my hard morning work-out...and on the last day of the week I work out (I lift weights/do cardio Mon-Thurs...with yoga mixed in for extra fun on a couple of days as well) was, "I want to go hiking!!"

You know when you are already hot and sweaty and tired that if those are the first words that come out of your mouth when you're supposed to be going home for a quick bite and a cuppa...well, it may be time to escape town and go exploring...

During my morning phone call with my partner in crime...I said those words and plans have magically begun to form out of the ether of the hiking world. We will indeed go hiking soon enough...or not soon enough, depending on how you look at it.

Thank goodness
a package arrived this week that will make a rather large difference in my hiking experience as well. It is actually a birthday present (from me to me...I'm very good to myself, but I'm thinking that after the impractical (rhinestone necklace) and the practical (new boots, because I believe in very good footwear for oneself) that this may be all I get myself for my birthday...although, there's still a couple of weeks until the day...) and something I've been needing as well. A new pair of waterproof mid-ankle hiking boots made by Keen. I love Keen shoes! I'm Keen for them (hardy har har) I have several pairs, including a couple of pairs of sandals (both the same...one pair was bought used for when the other pair runs out...it never hurts to be prepared forheavensake) and Keen, like Chaco...perform extremely well when hiking around rocks...their soles cling like no other, and are mostly non-slip, and they are darned comfortable to boot. The difference between Chaco's and Keen besides the style, is the little toe guard on the Keens...which comes in handy if there's a bunch of slippery rocks or dirt around...extra toe protection...Chaco's straps are totally adjustable though.

But, I heartily recommend either or both
(so you can choose between them when you're out having fun, you know...whatever matches your outfit the best? I love to hike and get active, but I like to match as well...yeah, I'm a girl about it...)

I haven't actually had a pair of hiking boots in quite some time. I like to think it's because I haven't been hiking a lot until the last 3 years, but really it's because I'm not that comfortable having something around my ankles. But, all the serious hikers have good boots...and I want to be taken seriously for sure... Having something around your ankles also is a little extra support so you don't roll them, which is not comfortable at all...And, one of my home girls and I have some plans for some serious hiking coming up soon!

Luckily, these have come just in time...

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Granny J said...

Doubt you'd go out in these while hiking, except that they might come in handy/warm-like on a gusty day while walking in the outback. Anyhow, I recalled that you once knit some legwarmers & when I spotted this, I immediately thought of you --


this English lady is very much into spinning, knitting, etc.


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