27 April 2009

The Overland Journal Expo...

...Came to Prescott this last weekend for a stop...which means it was out to the fairgrounds for a very very blustery day of staggering around in the blowing dust and sand and seeing the most astounding sights!

This is a whole group of people that either live, or vacation, or just get out for the weekends in their fantastically rigged cars, vans, Unimogs, motorcycles, and other wonderful vehicle transports...all outfitted to the nines with fantastic gadgets and gear (which make a gadget junkie like me drool a bit...I also swoon over things being tucked into small places and love organization and storage, which makes sense as to why I adore airplane bathrooms and whatnot...it's odd, I know)

I saw a refrigerator/freezer combos, mounted lap tops, and gear out the wazoo...including, but not limited to several styles of tents that are mounted to the top of your car (either popping up like a pop up book, or going up with the ease of a turning handle) which also included one that would fit comfortably on top of Honey (because they're that light!) In between all the lure of gadgets, gear, tents, and travel I was in Seventh Heaven...except for the ridiculous winds and blowing sand (but that's what they get for moving the Fairgrounds to the windiest place on the planet...)

I am absolutely
in love with the idea of chucking it all and leaving solid stable and unmoving society for one that is on the go...with the purpose of exploring the back roads of this country (well, and others...there are quite a few people who are internationally traveling with themselves...because like everything, there are a lot of different ways in which to travel like this and many different reasons as well...there looked to be a few people who are interested in training other people to go into less developed countries and give a hand up to the indigenous people living there) I am also just fascinated with the many ways people choose to live their lives (Since I was a little tyke my parent's said I always wanted and Airstream, which kind of confused them because no one in our family had a trailer or RV...but this Expo took the whole idea one step further, introducing ways to get into and live in remote areas of the world...which is a little harder to do with a trailer in tow) I'm not sure what the traveling life would look like for me, but it's gotten me questioning the idea of planting down roots vs. being a nomad...which kind of throws me into questioning and thinking of who I would have been when everyone was either traveling to this country and leaving their homelands or, when everyone was traveling out west and leaving their homes behind?

Cause' it's looking to be a lot easier to chuck it all now than it was when you had livestock to contend with...it's like the modern day covered wagon.

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Suzanne said...

These are REALLY cool!!!! What a fun post! Are you converting Honey now? Looks like some rats were trying to...


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