14 April 2009

And The Word of The Day is...

Heavens. I missed a day didn't I?

It was too much Easter partying indeed on my part (perhaps a chocolate egg hangover...or the fact that I was just a bit busy taking a long hard and somewhat painful hike in anticipation of a upcoming hiking vacation, getting my hair cut and hanging out with Rozz...see? I was busy!) we had a lovely day on Sunday though...some people not here, other's here...it was a good small crowd, and all was enjoyed. Isn't that just the way with holidays sometimes? People, come, people go...

Food is eaten...

The word of the day was Strawberries.

I have to say, it usually is strawberries for this particular holiday...I always consider Easter my first chance to celebrate the season of Spring, and I often love to do it while stuffing my face while enjoying the first of the batches of strawberries. We picked these up from Costco...but thought they were a little on the tart side.

We used the large batch of berries to make both a fresh strawberry pie (complete with home made lemon curd...courtesy of the imported lemons from Bill and Larry...which by the way, are SO large, that the recipe I was following called for 4 lemons to make 1/3 C of lemon juice, and I only needed to use 2 of theirs!) All the sweets and tart is just a fantastic marriage of flavors. We also had fresh strawberry shortcake with spelt shortcake and real whipped cream (I just finished the last of that this morning for breakfast...dairy allergy be damned!)

And due to various food allergies (again, not appreciating the dairy one on Sunday) and diet choices, I decided to attempt my hand at making avocado rolls, which were loosely modeled on the ones we enjoy eating at the New Frontiers in Flagstaff. And when I say loose, I mean it...I need some more practice using these thai wraps to get everything wrapped up tight enough...but, boy was I happy to finally find these wraps (no eggs or other weird ingredients) and the result was lovely...made better by a small bit of peanut sauce I whipped up on a whim as well.

We also opened Easter baskets, had an Easter egg hunt and took a lovely walk (so we could indulge in all the strawberry goodness) in the Spring weather (which we were not expecting seeing as we had snow the day before!)

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Felicia said...

Some of my fondest memories as a child were going out every summer to Upick strawberries from the big farm fields. It was so hot and the sun warmed up those berries but good! One went in the basket, one in my mouth, one in the basket... you get the idea :) Too bad with the death grip fear of toxins and cancer I'd never do this today.

But I've had my eye on a strawberry farm up the road that's just opened for picking. I do believe I'll head that way this weekend. :)


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