01 April 2009

What the Duck...?

Or maybe more accurately...what the goose?

Due to a crazy miscalculation on my part (see: Rich putting my iPhoto on a rather large external drive for me so that it wouldn't take up valuable memory room on the Mac...awwww, how nice...cause' I don't really know how to do it myself, but I probably could if I tried?) Yesterday I was all ready to blog on location at Snap Snap, and I had my SD card from the camera and my card reader (and was patting myself on the back, because who's a clever girl then?) ...and much to my dismay, I realized I had no way to put the photos on the computer because I'm not really wanting to carry around my external hard drive along with everything else (even though I made an extra large bag...it's just a little nuts to drag everything around...in my opinion anyway, so I'm now having to remember to load pictures at Foolsewoode and then transfer them to the superspecial folder on the Mac that is just for these sorts of things) thus making me forfeit blogging on Tuesday, because for some reason I have an aversion to blogging without a picture.

It bores me.

So I'm back. On a Wednesday. Blogging about a Monday.

This was the
Monday we went on a walk and saw ducks and other water fowl at Watson Lake (it was also the Monday we flopped around the Airstream, which also included my official comfy flop socks...the pink stripey thick ones my mom gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago?) I noticed that after pulling up to park near the boat ramp, I was off and running towards the long dock...reminding me that I am indeed a water person, because I was having a long internal dialogue with myself about not jumping into the lake because
a) it was cold
b) it's apparently a very dirty lake... (which makes me feel bad for the ducks and whatnot that live in and around this lake)

So, I ran out on the dock and sat down instead.

And then the ducks came rushing over. And then the geese. They all clustered around making me labour under the delusion that they were so excited to see me, because I have some special connection with nature. But between you and me? I think they were looking for some food.

Because after Rich
walked up, the geese got very upset and gave him dirty looks out of the corner of their eyes all while honking at him menacingly. I interpreted this to mean that they weren't angry at me, because I wasn't afraid of them (see above delusion about goose whispering) seeing as I sat right down on the dock and talked to them quite readily and encouraging them to swim over (mostly it's the fact that I'm probably one of the last persons on the planet not to be attacked by a goose so they don't scare me at all, and whenever they're floating around together in pairs, they make hearts with their necks and it makes me think that they're terribly in love and I get all misty eyed and romantic) and because I think it was pretty obvious to everyone at this point that I was only a passenger in the car...so I wasn't in charge of remembering food for the animals and such.

I was a little worried though when they all decided to exit the lake en mass and started walking towards us as we were off to hike down another trail (they can walk pretty fast on their short little legs) Worried because we discussed the possibility of them all waiting for us on the trail, tapping their little orange webbed feets with their wings all crossed over their chests and not letting us pass without some sort of food bribe and guilty because we thoughtlessly had not thought to bring food in which to feed them...

Which makes me think that geese are not romantic in the least...no matter what shape their necks make.


Anonymous said...

I love geese but I have never been bitten either. They look so soft and fluffy and make me want to reach out and touch but I know better. Hope you're having a great time at the lake. I can't wait for beach time-just a little over a week away!!! Happy wednesday.

Sandybee said...

Love the title of your post today. I always enjoy what you write. Here's a link you might enjoy. It's about photography.



flutter said...

I was bitten right on my sizable ass by a goose. Little bastard.


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