15 April 2009

There's a Disgruntled Monkey in my House...

And it's not just the cat...acting out in all sorts of freaky ways due to the gale force winds.

Maybe this is what it's meant by having a monkey on your back?

Although, I wouldn't want this particular monkey on my back...

I mean, look at this guy's expression...it's seriously disgruntled.

He showed up in my Easter basket this year, and mom and I decided perhaps he was hung over. She said that she and Rozzilyn tried in vain to reshape his mouth into something resembling a smile...but alas.

He's not a happy monkey.

We also marveled at the fact that all the sock monkey's in the world...how is it that they all have such different expressions?

It's truly a miracle.

...and sitting in his lap happens to be a tiny Chickie. He's all the way from Italy from my father and reminds me of childhood Easter's gone by. As a matter of fact, I almost missed this little guy when I was opening my package from Italy...but, I don't know how I could have missed him in his little pink nest.

Oh. With all that pink...Maybe he's a she?

Just sayin.

I also had to show you the fantastic candy that my father sent me as well! I was actually in Italy for Easter and my birthday (they were on the same day...which has happened a couple of times in my life) with my family...and they really go all out for the holiday.

Not to mention that their candy is so cute!

Perhaps it's because it's not like any candy that we have in America?

But...it's super cute anyway!


Wende said...

Wind? Oh, boy do I know that! It was nonstop storm on the holiday. When is spring again??

velvet brick said...

My gawd...this is priceless....
Look at his expression!
A keeper! : ))

flutter said...

that monkey made me completely scared.

Sillie_Girl said...

your sock monkey looks like I have been feeling lately... but things have to start looking up :0)

Mytutorlist.com said...

That disgruntled monkey and his chick are so cute!


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