23 April 2009

...And, It's Thursday...

Thank heavens.

I've been waiting for it to be Thursday since...well, since last Thursday. Good things happen on Thursdays:

*I finish my weekly work-out and get 3 days off from early running to the gym

*I get to go to Yoga to totally stretch and recenter myself...focusing on where to place my energy and generally celebrate my body (along with Rozzilyn and Megan...although, I don't actually celebrate their bodies per se, because I think that might be a little inappropriate)

*I get to go to Megan's house for vice night (which usually includes a couple of spritzers and some wicked good food, as Megan is a master chef!)

And while last
Thursday was my birthday, and I was out spending it with my family and generally enjoying myself...I missed my normal Thursday routine...and have been looking forward to today ever since (even going as far as to think, "...gosh I wish it was Thurs night already!!" several times in the past week) I love looking forward to things in my life...When I was a child I would think to myself in a very serious voice, "self? I hope you don't die before you get to _______ (insert thing here)" I mean, it was like...could I possibly survive until I got to the particular day? (then again, I always thought my life was being lived out on a stage, and there was always an audience...Apparently I'm quite imaginative.) Never even thinking about what might happen the days after that...

Now that I'm a grown-up (mostly) I look forward to things differently. I am excited to count down the days, but I also realize there's about 101-million little things that need to be done before now and then...and I also don't have many sleepless nights wondering about things. I'm usually so danged tired at the end of the day, I can fall asleep quite easily (although, I often wake up at 3am to mull weird things over in my head) But, after celebrating a few birthdays and generally getting older, I find myself getting excited only at the last minute. Yes, I look forward to doing things, but the anticipation is somewhat gone...which is OK, because I still have to get through today, and yoga...then I get to go enjoy my Thursday celebration...and this is all before I even begin to think about all the fun things I have planned for this weekend! (did I tell you, I'm starting to take Saturday's off again? Only 2 more days...)

But now?

It's only if I can just live until I get to Megan's tonight...


Suzanne said...

I remember feeling like that before going out to CA for band camp, Disneyland, etc. It was sooo far away, and I too, wondering if I'd "make it" (survive) before then! How funny!

Now we KNOW they are going to happen, but still long for them...I had the disappointment once they are over. It is like ending a good book!

nuttnbunny said...

Happy Birthday!!!


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