17 March 2009

The Top O' The Mornin'...

...And have a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

I would like to reveal to you of all sorts of St. Patrick's Day celebrations over my way...I am indeed of Irish descent (and after reading of the history of Irish immigrants in this country...it's amazing that anyone would want to take part of a pint of Guinness...but there you go. Melting Pot=forgive and forget) I will be spending this Irish holiday at work, meeting a client early at the shop to field the 8+ boxes of clothing I know she'll have...and then off to Mom and Rozz's tonight, where we'll probably not drink any green beer...but seeing as my mother is on a raw food diet...

perhaps we'll have a green salad instead.

(Thank you Google images for the above vintage goodness)

1 comment:

Wende said...

Green Beer is dangerous. If you drink too much of it, say, enough to not remember drinking Green Beer--you can end up thinking there is something mighty WRONG with you when you go to the bathroom in the morning.

I wouldn't know that from experience tho.

Happy St. Pat's!


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