06 March 2009


On this weekend's agenda?


I am taking a breather from packing up Honey for the big trip with Tombo and DaNece this weekend...actually I've packed up everything that can go in the car (not the food yet) but all the water, tent, sleeping pad, and other various and sundry things that one may need in the wilds of the desert. Which, of course, includes a lovely picknic basket that houses my granite wear I use specifically for camping. I figure this kind of sums up my idea of camping...I have a bit of a romantic idea of camping and sleeping out of doors under the stars, and have stuff just to make this happen for me. Special towels and napkins, a futon sleeping pad, my pillow from home...I use to joke with my ex that we were kind of setting up a harem by the time we got done unpacking...and I would totally bring twinkle lights if I could figure out a way to rig them up in a campsite. I have always swooned when I see pictures of safaris...all the lanterns and accessories...of course, I imagine this to be in the 1930's, but whatever.

I usually camp for comfort...of course, I haven't backpacked since I was a wee one, and would love to do that again soon, but until then...I pack comfy things and instead enjoy the luxury.

I haven't actually been
camping since I my divorce, and it's really high time. Cheers to my ex, who was quite organized and good at packing and stacking...it was quite easy to find all the things I need to bring with me this weekend. The hard part was lugging it up the stairs by myself and packing it by myself...but I managed. I'm also a little nervous about setting up the tent and campsite...but I know that TomBo and DaNece will certainly lend a hand...

Rich is coming home today (and currently on the road) so we will spend a brief amount of time together this evening before I come home and get up and go for a few days...where I won't be able to plug in and charge my cell (or my twinkle lights...) so I'll have to be sparing with my battery life. I am really looking forward to getting away and seeing a new change of scenery. I am so happy that TomBo and DaNece are willing to plan this trip with me...I am looking forward to relaxing (I've been working very hard lately) I packed the camp chair with the built in footrest for reading and chillin', and an umbrella for the shade, in case the insane winds calm down. I am bringing the Canon Elph to capture our mini vacation instead of the larger 10D...I think we'll be doing some great hiking, and sometimes the 10D is a lot to carry...I am currently charging all the electronic batteries all up...

Since I have so many more digital gadgets, I'm now trying to figure out if it's cheating to take my iPod so I can watch a few episodes of Pushing Daisies while I'm gone as well...

Have a wonderful weekend...and I'll see you here in this space on Tuesday!


TomboCheck said...

You and D both with the "camping for comfort" thing! I've gotten her toned down compared to when we first started dating though. She used to bring an air mattress and a box of blankets... :)

Bring whatever you will need to for a good time, since that's what this is all about. We don't have to haul the gear anywhere so life is easy-peazy.

Gadget-wise this won't be a digital-rv type trip for us. A camera with an extra battery and memory card. And a head lamp. Yeah, that's about it for me. :)

Though if there is TV on I might peak over you shoulder a time or two...

sulu-design said...

Oh, yes. It's comfort camping or no camping for me. I'm all about the cute picnic baskets and the romantic parts of an outdoor trip. My husband can worry about the practical necessities. Have a wonderful time!


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