13 March 2009

Is There a T-Shirt For This...

Yesterday was successful...although certainly full, and non-stop, and chaotic. Leaving my head spinning, my mouth yawning, and my body aching.

Is it me, or has this week been like that?

*I am still not caught up at Snap Snap...but, I will be in time.


*I did my taxes. Not quite what I was expecting...but, I will be fine.


*I am almost done with crazy little errands that aren't specifically life-threatening, but still need to be completed by today.


*I am almost done cleaning, dusting, straightening, and vacuuming the house...and looking forward to Marla B. visiting this weekend.

breathe (although excitedly)

I also decided
to have an impromptu celebration for myself yesterday in the form of a chocolate chip cookie from the Heath Food here in town (those are my favorite cookie they make...plus? I often treat myself with a cookie after taxes. Perhaps it's a Pavlov thing...) As I unwrapped the cookie yesterday afternoon, I realized that I was so out of it when I was at the shop, I actually bought an oatmeal raisin one instead. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some oatmeal raisin...but I really had my mouth all set for chocolate chip.



munch on wrong cookie.

This is what happens when I have an ultra chaotic week...

breathe anyway.

I am looking forward to having a different kind of weekend, with friends and a little wine, aptly named Wine & Women : Prescott Version 1.0...Marla named the weekend. Can you tell she was in a sorority?

I keep forgetting
to ask her if she wants me to make a t-shirt for the weekend.

Aren't girls fun?!


Anonymous said...

I haven't done my taxes yet... got stiff ready for the tax dude, but still waiting on one form.

wende said...

I'm glad you're getting together with friends this weekend.

I feel like I've lost my mojo--I'm in a tailspin with too much to do. And not getting the right cookie is a major disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Where on earth are the photos from the last two entries shot?

velvet brick said...

I hope you have a relaxing, wine-filled weekend and some much-needed girl time. Remember...


: )

Chickenbells said...

Today? Yeah. Let's just say that I'm about ready for this week to end.


Anywho...the last few pictures were taken when Rich and I went to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit! It's up through the end of March...and I can imagine it's just as amazing with all the wildflowers blooming now too!!


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