11 March 2009

Oh. Wednesday Already?

I mean...

It's only Wednesday?!?!?

You mean I've only been back to work for 2 (count 'em two) days and I feel like I've already run a marathon?

Yes, yesterday was a full moon, crazy and chaotic...and it was busy at the shop to boot. I sold my weight in clothes, and probably put out twice as much...(which is a lot) I'm currently changing Snap Snap over from fall/winter to spring/summer. This is a big endeavor which means, marking down, re organizing, shuffling, making room...and usually running out of hangers...

check. check. check...

I am sitting at home with my head spinning, my feet throbbing and mostly not being able to feel my body from my waist down.


Not that I'm complaining one little bit...this good kind of exhaustion just always seems to sneak up on me when the change of season is upon us, it's kind of like the gale force winds that blow through here every spring...blowing the last of winter out and ushering the spring in...oh yeah I forgot about those. Again. It makes hiding Easter eggs touch and go from year to year...then again, so does the surprise weird late winter snows...

Up until this point, I've hunted Easter eggs in the house as much as I've hunted them outside the house.

I have good friends
coming into town this weekend...which means I need to make a bit more of a sweep (or vacuum as it may be) of the house. Maybe a mop too. I also need to fold clean laundry...and put things away. The things are starting to take over you know. I am worried that they will rebel entirely and then we'll be in real trouble. I'm having a hard time sitting with my feet up on the couch and listing all the things in my head and not doing them.

I also have
a crazy long list of things to do tomorrow, starting with a 6am visit to the gym and ending when I get home from yoga at 7pm. Oh heck. That's more than 12 hours isn't it?

And this is the reason I need a foot massage...


velvet brick said...

Oh, the full moon always brings such 'surprises' - does it not?? Woohoo! You've been on a whirl-wind of business, dear girl! I always love the feeling I get when I work my butt off and then relish in the cleaness of the house, or the cuteness of the garden, or the hauling out of things for charity. Do give yourself a LITTLE bit of time to pamper yourself, dear one! You've EARNED IT!! : )

flutter said...

you came to see Chihuly!

Mytutorlist.com said...

I tried to take a picture of the moon yesterday but it just didn't work out at all. I envy your lovely moon picture.

You sound like a very good business lady! I wish I was local so I could go visit Snap Snap.

wende said...

Oof... I hate to run like that. It's fantastic to get it all done. . . but I much prefer a lazier pace. :D

And the DLS does a number on me, I could live without it, I think.


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