24 March 2009


...Or was it Dewey? Who knows...we went to both places, I don't know...once I leave Prescott, I'm apt to say, "good golly...there's a whole world out here?" Which makes me confuse town names and then faint from shock.


Both Dewey and Mayer are tiny northern Arizona ghost towns with quite a few people still living in them. Both places have small historic down towns (and we can say that a little loosely here, as they're each one street) and some of the cutest little houses. I can usually pick out a place I would love to live in most of the places we've visited...you know? With a little tlc and whatnot.

Whatever the case, it was a short trip...I was absolutely itching to go out hiking this weekend, but there were 40+ mph winds...which kind of made it hard to open the car door and drive...much less walk or hike.

You'll be happy to know as I sit and look outside, there is no wind. Isn't that the way sometimes? Beautiful pre-springtime weather all week, leaving you gaze out the windows while at work...the weekend gets here and it's a crazy windstorm...Which also blew a cold front in (Also? I have a whole outfit layed out to wear, and the weather just will not cooperate, leaving me to wonder when exactly I'll get to wear it? Sometimes I lay out an outfit ahead of time...you know? Just to be totally prepared. Or neurotic. Take your pick.) So, it was both cold and windy.

Which made it the perfect weekend to go see The Watchmen as well. Which was a good movie. Long, action packed and quite graphic...both violently and um...nakedy. Since I didn't know anything about The Watchmen previously, I was surprised and entertained. Which are both good things when one is paying $6.50 to see a 3-hour movie that you can't pause to use the restroom during (or talk...we're both big talkers during movies.) There was a couple of parts I had to look away during the movie, but Rich totally understands and tells me that when it's safe to look back. Isn't that nice?

I suppose it's better than him listening to me shrieking or otherwise flipping out...cause' that happens a lot when we drive out of town already (see above)

Again. Kidding. Totally Kidding.


Wende said...

It all looks so inviting. Is that sunlight?

flutter said...

OMG what is so HISTORIC about MAYER?!?!?!! The sign says it's historic, all judgmental like, as if I should know WHY it is SO HISTORIC!! but I totally don't.

Lois Grebowski said...

I just squeezed the heck outta hubby's leg at the scary parts of my movie....


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