09 March 2009

Camp ToCheck...

(this is what we named the camp after we decided to request the letter M stricken from the alphabet, in our list of demands...um, yeah. There was a lot of that kind of silliness going around this weekend in Wickenburg...)

Up and out
of here on Saturday, where I enjoyed a wonderful trip down with DaNece...good chats and a fantastic way to start our camping journey. Wickenburg isn't that far down the hill from Prescott, and we didn't necessarily have a destination in mind, as Tom and DaNece were just down in the area scouting it out a few weekends ago...and we ended up staying somewhere totally different than we planned. Way off the road, off another road and in the middle of seemingly nowhere...which was evidenced by the hiking of two separate hills/mountains on Sunday, to check out our location.


Out in the middle of nowhere...(can you see our tiny tents out there in the plains?? Just squint, we're there)

Except for the cows.

There were lots of cows with lots of mooing. There was also a train, but we didn't see that until Monday morning while we were enjoying the sun coming up...

This weekend was
a beautiful one in Arizona. I reveled in being outside, seeing the wildflowers and some darned crazy beautiful lichen, being warm, and watching the clouds play across the backdrop that is my home.

It was nice and warm during the day, with a bit of a cloud cover (making it not too warm) during the day, and still a bit chilly at night. All I can say is, thank goodness for Smart Wool (...just thin enough to fit perfectly under my PJ's, and help to keep me warm and cozy no matter what the weather decides to do.) which came in handy, because I didn't realize until my nap on the second day, in between hiking, that my sleeping bag was inside out. Yeah. Um. I actually just got this sleeping bag...Mountain Hardware...and had never used it. I had washed it (I bought it on the secondary market...so it's missing it's bag as well, which I need to remedy with a stuff sack) and honestly? I was toasty the first night even though I was in the bag the wrong way...but the next night? Well...I was downright warm (go figure right?)

I kind of had to giggle at myself (because otherwise I'd have to admit that I am nuts) seeings as we need to admit the truth, I was a bit nervous. You see, I love camping. I've only done car camping as an adult (backpacking with my dad in my youth) and only after I was married. I haven't been camping since my divorce (which seems like a loooong time ago) and I haven't put up the tent by myself, packed by myself, or cooked by myself, or camped by myself. All those by my selfs really added up in my head...but, right when we pulled out at the perfect spot and let the camp dogs loose to run, Tom and DaNece both ran over to help pitch my tent. I was grateful. Perhaps after the sleeping bag debacle, I should have accepted more help? (Well...you should see how I folded the tent up...that's a major problem in itself. In my defence, it was very windy this morning, and I will attempt to put it away later...)

All in all...it was a wonderful trip. We had lots of fun and giggles and outright side splitting laughter! It must be said that Tom is a great sport, because DaNece cracks me up...and we were a bit nutty at times with crazy jokes and scenarios (it's fun to have dogs along when you camp because you can make them say all sorts of things.) We had tons of great food...complete with fantastic camp snacks (really camp junk-food which is defined as the junk you only bring on a camping trip because you would be too big to leave the house otherwise, and really...it's something extra to look forward to when camping...like marshmallows and thin mints for breakfast) The hiking was fantastic, and the wildflowers were out in abundance. I can say with all certainty that this trip totally renewed my excitement about camping. Now I want to get out more! I also want to try backpacking soon. I've always wanted to try backpacking and the closest I've gotten (except for when I was little) is buying an external frame backpack.

That's close, right?

It was a totally
successful camping trip (I even lived through the nighttime bathroom trips...putting my head lamp on and stumbling around in the desert) and the trip did everything that I thought it would. Relaxation, hiking, camping...laughing. Scenting my hair with the smell of woodsmoke for days...making me appreciate indoor plumbing even more? No...really, it was the change of scenery and a big break and a renewed sense of inspiration...I got it all.

As a couple of asides: the Mexican restaurant Anita's Cocina in Wickenburg is top notch. The food is fantastic...and Wickenburg is not a fun place to walk around when it's cold and windy (luckily this was our last day out, so that was fine)

An iPod is a great accessory to bring camping with you. Not only can you listen to some great tunes on the way to your destination...a bit of an episode of your favorite program is a fun way to wind down...

And, wouldn't you know? I found myself changing into what was almost my entire Life is Good wardrobe this trip. Tops, hats...Wow. Me likey the Life is Good products...and hey, after all is said and done...good friends? Good dogs? Good camping?

Life really is good isn't it?


JELL-) said...

Sounds like a great time was had!!!

Felicia said...

Hum, seems like we did a lot of car camping when I was a kid. I've not really done much camping as a grown up either. Somehow the allure of a cabin in the woods is too strong :)

Suzanne said...

I am soooo glad you had such a wonderful time. I so miss camping myself-used to do a lot of it, and found I could pretty much do anything in the woods (that is, related to relieving oneself)-which was a relief to me!

It was fun reliving experiences like that with you.

Mytutorlist.com said...

My goodness! Your trip sounds spectacular!

sulu-design said...

Oh, it sounds like it was wonderful, with the exception of the night time potty trips... I'd have to hold it. Nighttime campgrounds totally freak me out!


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