25 March 2009

Bowl Cut...


I love them.

I know you're asking yourself out of all the bowls in the world, which one's make the cut? I know these are the thoughts that wake me up at 3 am...well that, and if I keep finding things to collect, how will I fit them in my house? Or better yet...who's going to dust all this stuff?

Believe me, I've already thought of these things...in the wee hours. Which is kind of why it's more thrilling for me to collect things that are more usable in my daily world, rather than a whole lot of things that collect dust. Yes, I still have dust collectors hanging around, and yes the bowls collect dust...but, they're easy to take down, clean out and use.

The plastic colorful
vintage bowls are some of my favorites...and a lot are courtesy of my father. I adore these bowls...I love to use them whenever I'm having company, a party, or when I take them to a party. They are so festive, and usually get a lot of comments whenever I bring them out. And of course, they are crazy fantastic to display in the kitchen...

Adding to my colorful Foolsewoode ambiance.

I've got them in big and little sizes...weird shapes and all sorts of different colors. I wish I could pick out a favorite to show you, but my favorites change with season and use.

Because I'm fickle like that.

Right now though?
This one is my favorite. I just acquired it yesterday at the thrift, and happily skipped home with it and put my lemons in it. It's just what I needed, a beautiful springtime pastel blue lemon holder (both a sweet shape and an equally sweet little bit of foot down at the bottom...) for my stash of fantastically sweet and amazing lemons from Bill and Larry...and for $4, it is the perfect addition to my collection of bowls.


Anonymous said...

The lemons look amazing in that bowl. I initially thought that those beautiful bowls were enamel on metal.

It thrills me that our bumper crop of home grown lemons are adding sunshine to your day. The tree was so laden with fruit that I had to cut off clusters and branches of unripened fruit to prevent tree damage.

Wishing you sunshine and lollipops,

Molly Sue said...

Sadira, I have never in my life seen bowls like that!!! NEVER!!! They are adorable! Plastic?? It must be a western US thing, people in east Texas must toss them out when they're done or wear them all the way way to nubs.


Mytutorlist.com said...

Lemons... there's something infinitely bright and sunshiney about them. They remind me of summer and everything nice!


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