18 March 2009

Beware of Cat...


What a day yesterday!
After arriving early at Snap Snap, I spent the rest of my time there pricing and hanging clothes (hanging close to 200 items...and I have more today to deal with as well.) I am thinking I've officially run out of room...but I'm sure I'll find some extra that I've stowed away somewhere. Days like that usually mean that I'm on my feet running to and fro...even when I'm eating lunch.


So, after going
to my mom's house to visit, I wearily came home and put my feet up on the couch and passed out with a good book. As you can see, no green beer needed here to pass out on St. Patrick's Day, Irish or no.

After coming to (and talking to Rich on the phone for our nightly good-night phone call) I was psyching myself up to move off the couch and into bed when Meena jumped up on the arm of the couch next to me. All of a sudden she became very alert and looked towards the front door and growled.

Yes. She growled.

She also puffed up her tail and her spiky ridge back/back Mohawk, and immediately ran towards the door in cat attack mode...but the growling is what threw me. I don't think I've ever heard her growl. Or any cat growl for that matter.

Do cat's even growl?

Apparently they do.

I was a bit hesitant to move towards the door after this reaction...I mean, I've seen this cat sit calmly looking out the window while whole herds of javellina parade around in the front yard, only stopping to turn her head and raise her eyebrow at me as if to say, "are you seeing this?"...or skunks played their little skunk games (I had a family of 4 baby skunks that used to dance around in the front yard, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.) She doesn't even bat an eye at skunks (of course, that could be due to the fact that she got sprayed by a skunk once, which resulted in the two of us taking a bath in the kitchen sink together...skunks have been on her naughty list ever since then) What on earth would make a cat growl?

A large dog in a burglar mask?
An army of armed mice?
Someone who previously stepped on her tail?

I peeked out the door turning on the light but I didn't see anything, but Meena jumped up and sat on the top of the couch on the pillow right above my head...such the protector. I'm wondering if Meena attends some kind of self defence classes when I'm not here...maybe she has some DVD's on her NetFlix Que. At any rate, I feel so much safer at night knowing I'm totally protected now. Of course, it will help if any intruder would be short enough (or timid enough) to be totally overwhelmed by a growling cat.

Then again...I was, so there may be hope yet.


TomboCheck said...

No need for a short assailant. Meena can simply (and painfully) climb to face level before unleashing her savage ju-jitsu.

she sure is strange said...

aaack!! Sadira, don't you remember the coyote???? I bet that's what she sensed!! Don't let her out!

Anonymous said...

maybe it was a ghost or spirit. Cats have that sense, ya know!


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