30 December 2008

Knitting Like the Wind...

Ever since finishing The Clap, I have been knitting...it's like a knit storm over here (heh) I knitted 3 pairs of fingerless mittens for Christmas gifts (and I have some ideas for next years gifts) and I just finished up a sweet little wool cap for a friend that is having her second baby boy...

I adore it, and it was fantastically easy to make.

Then again, I'm finding almost everything is fantastically easy to make after completing The Clap.

For whatever it's worth,
that 3 weeks of knitting that project got me past and over some large knitting hump, and I am now under the delusion that I can knit anything. This is some good news for me, because my mother gave me a new book for Christmas and I decided to tackle a project yesterday...the one on the cover as a matter of fact. Now, either this book is incredibly well written, or I'm feeling a little more confident while reading instructions...because I got a great start (perhaps it's both) So great, that I will be looking forward to ringing in the New Year wearing these little beauties.

I am also noticing that when I start a new project that I've never done before, I am feeling some serious flutters in my tummy. These flutters are a lot like the ones I had most of the way through The Clap project...at first I thought I was having a lot of panic attacks, and now I realize that I am just so excited about learning something new. At least that's the story I would rather believe...that knitting is not giving me panic attacks, but it's exciting me.

That and I can knit anything!

(and yes, that's a new member to the sock monkey family...I had to use it as a model seeing as there's no little heads around here, well except for the cat...who looked very angry when approaching her with the tiny hat. Do you see her shaking her head and saying, "no way!" I got her in the end though...I think she secretly likes wearing the hat and being my model.)


Carol Dunton said...

YEAH! for your knitting skills! I am in soooo in need of having a knitting lesson with you! I love the varigation of the yarn on the sweet little cap and your models are adorable! Miss Meena cracks me up.... that expression is worth 1,000 words, at least! : )

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck in corchet potholder mode...

Anonymous said...

You have the best models. The cap is very cool; I really like the colors. And I definitely think you're having excitement jitters and nothing panicky. :)


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