21 December 2008

Holiday Presence :: Day Twenty-Five

Happy Solstice and Cookies.

Or more accurately...Baking.

I usually love giving hand made gifts on the solstice. This year, I didn't quite get it together in time...because I have some hand made gifts for Christmas instead. But, waking early in the pre-dawn of 6:30 am very excited to spend the day baking with Rozzilyn. You see...today was our annual Christmas baking day...we bake together every year, so we can have fresh and amazing goodies for Christmas day.

We baked all day.

Our business resulted in:

Peanut butter fudge
Pecan pie bars with dark chocolate drizzled over the top
Mexican wedding cookies
Iced sugar cookies

(each was made gluten and dairy free...and both the fudge and the Mexican wedding cookies are also egg-free, which means Rich could enjoy them. The rest of my family can eat eggs, and eggs are not that easy to substitute in recipes...so they will gladly partake in the rest...Oh, and we used no refined sugar either. My mother received her two tins chock-full this afternoon along with Rich who received his one tin...I have 2 tins left here...and I'm a little nervous about that, seeing as I haven't been to the gym lately due to the illness)

It was a crazy day indeed...resulting in the use of almost 2 pounds of dairy-free butter, the very last drop of my vanilla, the last of the food coloring. and a small dash to the local very crowded mall for a last minute gift Rozzie had to get...and although, we had fun, I kind of felt a little raggedy and like that green bear up there that unfortunately lost an arm (you should see one of the angels...)

It was worth it though...and this may go down as the year we all got sick from the sugary goodness!


Anonymous said...

baking days are the best!

sulu-design said...

Peanut butter fudge? Where are the recipes? I'm shaking just thinking about that one.

Anonymous said...

We also had a near fatality: a gingerbread man who lost an appendage.


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