14 December 2008

Holiday Presence :: Day Nineteen

First Snow.


That's not much now is it?

There were insane winds yesterday. I'm thinking they must have blew the snow clouds right out of here in fact. Seeing as it was supposed to snow last night...and then again today...but there are clear skies, with a few white fluffy clouds. Now, I may be singing a different tune later this week as it is supposed to keep on snowing...but, you never know.

After a few errands this morning, I came home to tuck myself up on the couch under a blanket and assemble my Holiday Cards...

I don't think I'm quite as sick as Rich (for instance...) but, I'm feeling really run down and like I want to rest and drink lots of OJ and eat lots of chicken noodle soup.


velvet brick said...

Your dusted house looks wintery! I am sorry you are feeling under the weather... it's hitting us down here, as well. Take care, continue with the fluids and blanket and I hope you feel much better tomorrow! :)

flutter said...

doing that sounds amazing. mmmm juice and soup

The Garden Faerie said...

I'm here again vis Precarious Tomato and just have to know what cat food brand you use. Any wet food I've tried smells disgusting! ;-)
~ Monica

tammy said...

That's some cute little snow you got there. Around here, we call that a blizzard.


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